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By Barbara A. Tilley | Mar 27, 2014

Prospect News

Barbara A. Tilley


Welcome to April and pray for good weather and no wind. The wind really did a number on the Community Club roof on the North, Front end. There are still shingles flapping but it encompasses an area of about 10’ by 8’ feet . Will try to find someone to do temporary repair until the Insurance Adjuster gets here and then have it repaired. I’m going to tell them to nail them down on all 4 corners as the wind really rakes the building.

To all who are celebrating a Birthday or an Anniversary this month, many Happy Wishes for more.

Congratulations Linda Gamble as the new President of the Community Club. She will get initiated the same as I did. My first job was to find someone to jack up the building on the East Side as the corner was kicking out. Therefore the lean-like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and from there it continued to much Fund Raising for other big projects. We will all help her out and not put too much pressure on her. She will be in charge of the First Supper of the season April 12th.

Our Vice President, Jenn McVeigh is due to get home today after having her knee replaced in the Portland Hospital. Skip said the surgery went well and SHE thinks she will be up and around soon. Wish her well and Skip will have his hands full keeping her down but she has to take care of herself first.

Linda Gamble just returned from a vacation of 3 weeks, spending 2 weeks with her daughter Kari and family in Texas and then 1 week in Florida visiting with her sister Jane Johnson in Florida. She was due to arrive Weds. night but due to the storm, her flight was delayed. Haven’t had time to talk to her much as she had been home ½ hr. before calling me.

I am back to trapping Red Squirrels again-my total is 9 so far and there is another one running around the deck today. I don’t want them to get into the house as they can be so destructive-sits early yet.

Alton (Cuddy) Gross of Bucksport sent me some information on The Knights of Pyhtias first regular meeting. March 24th. 1904. He listed the Lodge Officers many of which were his relatives: Chancellor Commander, Benjamin Eames, Vice Chancellor Josiah Colson, Keeper of Records and Seals, Emery Calderwood, Percy Clark, George Ward and Orrin Gray, Masters of Arms. William Kilman, Master of Works, Arthur Dockham Inner Guard Chester Wood Outer Guard, Harry Hitchborn, John Libby, Clarence Gross and Issac Cummings- Past Chancellors. This was the beginning of the Organization in town and by 1908, the Knights Of Pyhtias had built their own Lodge, which is now owned by The Prospect Community Club since 1973. More on this later but want to thank Cuddy for this information and if anyone else has more history of the town, would you please share it with us as the Town will be 202 years old this year and there will be a celebration later on.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. God Bless you all.

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