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By Barbara A. Tilley | Apr 18, 2014

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Barbara Tilley a. Tilley


Last Friday, April 11th. Perry and Bridget Green of N. Searsport Road along with their 4 children were walking the road and picking up trash when they were by the “Horse Farm”, 3 Pit Bull dogs came running out of the pasture and started to attack the children. Bridget gathered the kids around her while kicking at the dogs. Her husband, Perry tried to pull them away and he was bitten on the hand but blessfully was successful in driving them away. Animal Control Officer Dan Joy of Bucksport was called and talked with the people living on the farm, but unknown as to what action will be taken. They denied knowing about the attack. Perry had to go to the hospital and receive stitches on his hand and a shot. They did not provocate the attack but feel that people should be made aware of the danger of walking by there with the dogs out. I am glad that it was no worse than that-hear some very bad stories about dog attacks.

The Bean Supper went very well the 12th. We thank all the returning people and the new. Please come again. The next Supper will be May 10th., the day before Mother’s Day.

Elwin Boynton returned home Thursday from Blue Hill Hospital after having hip replacement surgery. He is feeling better but it will be awhile before he will be pain free, but is glad to have it done. Enjoy the new hip and may you soon be pain free.

Malissa Orcutt was guest of honor at a Baby Shower Sunday the 13th. given by Mother Lisa Gulliver and Mother-In-Law Cathy Parker. She received many, many nice presents for the Baby who is due to be born in June. About 30-35 people were there and her Mother, Lisa had arranged a Big Surprise for her. She was re-united with a long lost Friend and Class Mate. Those surprises are always nice. Congratulations.

Florence Drew is home after spending 3 days in Waldo County Hospital in Belfast. Husband Clarence Drew took her down Sunday night because her breathing was so bad. After tests and etc. they determined that she has Asthma and is now breathing better with the proper medication. Take it easy girl and get better.

The new President of the Prospect Community Club, Linda Gamble was initiated very quickly into that position and what goes with it that is not always seen by people. The big wind storm that we had the last of March tore off many, many shingles from the roof of the Community Club building. The Insurance Co. and a roofer, Albert Novack of Extreme Roofing were notified and before Albert could get here, more shingles were blown off the front and the back. He and his helper replaced the missing shingles and re-nailed many more that were in danger of coming off. The next day the Adjuster from the Insurance Co. arrived and could only see the pictures that I had taken and that Linda had taken. She was not pleased but we felt the roof had to be repaired. Well, last week, the high wind blew off more shingles on the South side so another claim was filed and Albert and helper came back and replaced them and also re-nailed other shingles that appeared loose. Hope that this is the end of the roof repair but at least don’t have to worry about leakage, just finding out how much the Insurance Co. will pay and how much the Club will have to pay.

Donnie Cary said the Osprey’s are back and we had 2 Tree Swallows in our back field. One went to the bird house and sit there with its head out the hole but haven’t seen them sense. It is still pretty cold in the mornings but they may have been the scouts.

The Coffee Time people will be assembling the May Baskets on Weds. April 30th. to be distributed the next day, May 1st. We always have fun doing that and they look so pretty filled with fruit, candy, cookies, crackers and a small plant. Join us if you would like. 1:00 in the dining room.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer-Dorothy Gordon who will be going into surgery April 29th.. God Bless you all.

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