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By Barbara A. Tilley | Jun 19, 2014

Prospect News

Barbara A. Tilley


The correct date for the Prospect Historical Society Picnic at Fort Know is Aug.10th. Noon. This is a pot luck picnic and let Carol Johnson, 567-3371, know what you plan to bring. I will be bringing 3 lbs. of Hot Dogs to cook on the grill there.

Sympathy is extended to Ralph and Shirley Carlson of town. Ralph’s sister in Conn. Passed away this week. May only good memories remain.

The Prospect Cemetery Association met Monday night in the dining room and the election of Officer’s was held. All Officers are the same as last year with the exception of Vice President, who is now Lois Gianni. President re-elected was Steve Hathaway, Secretary and Vice Treasurer Vera Dyer and Treasurer, Lester Thompson. A discussion about the pay to Glendora (Dodie) Webster and Leroy Leach and wife Edna ending with them receiving a raise for the mowing and up keep of the Cemetery. They not only mow the Maple Grove Cemetery but the one on the old Shore Road. They will receive $450. each increase for the wonderful job that they do. Also Dodie will receive $25.00 annually for the one lot that she buys flowers for a absent family.. Dodie is also the Sexton so if you have questions about lots for sale and cost, give her a call-567-3593.

A group of people met at the Town Office Monday night to continue working on plans for the celebration Oct. 4th. There are many ideas but they also need people to help so it will be a big celebration. As firm plans are made, I will write about them.

The Prospect Fire Dept. crew and their trucks had a training session Monday night up to Elwin Boynton’s Farm Pond with the water gun mounted on the truck. They practiced how to use it , drain it and refill it. It is nice to know they stay up to date on their training. Fire Chief Tim Terry keeps the crew up to date on their training-never know what problem may arise so they want to be prepared.

This coming Saturday, June 21st. will be the longest day of the year and then in about 2 weeks we will notice it getting darker earlier.

Hard to believe that July 4th. is just around the corner-hope that the gas prices go down some before all the traveling that will be taking place.

Another tid-bit about the History of Prospect from the book so named and written by Alice V. Ellis.

The first part of Prospect to be settled was Prospect Ferry, known as the Ferry District. Many of the settlers came to the district from Bucksport, Orland and Castine. It is said that the first house that was built in the settlement was built by Joshua Jewett before 1820. This house was later owned by Franklin Pierce and last occupied by Rebecca Maguire and her son Paul and family. It now sits vacant and up for sale. Maine became a State in 1820 and that house was built while still part of Massachusetts. There were many features of the house that were remarkable. Most of the glass in the windows was wavy so your view was distorted. In the attic, the roof boards were covered with newspaper pasted on them. Their idea of insulation? When I was married to Richard Herbest, we lived there for 1 ½ years and I enjoyed looking it over from top to bottom. The chimney in the small back bedroom started out straight but started to go off to one side so it could go up the ceiling into the attic. There the chimney was straight until it got near the roof and then another side lean so the chimney would go through the center of the roof to the outside. The floors were done with wide boards and the mop boards were made of Pumpkin Pine 9” wide and the interior door handles were metal with a thumb latch.

If anyone one has some information about the History of Prospect that they would like to share, please give me a call and I will try to get it in the column.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. God Bless you all.

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