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By Barbara A. Tilley | Jul 03, 2014

Prospect News

Barbara A. Tilley


Here we are in July already. I want to wish all who are celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries this month, a Happy Day and wishes for more. Would like to give a shout out to Jeff and Honey Davis in Stockton for their 25th. Anniversary, July 11th. Many more too you both.

Elwin and Gloria Boynton of town had a wonderful 2 week trip to Alaska and joining them in Seward, Alaska was their son Tiger, wife Kristan and 6 children for the rest of their trip and a cruise. Elwin and Gloria flew from Boston to Denver, Colorado then to Anchorage, Alaska for 2 days before taking a train to Seward to meet up with Tiger and family. They said that there were many steep high mountain passes that they went through. They visited Vancouver, Anchorage, Ketchikan, Skagway and the Icey Strait Point of Hoonah, Alaska during their cruise. Gloria said the entertainment aboard ship was great and Elwin allowed that the food was great also-echoed by their Grandchildren, with one of them a Sushi lover. They saw the Hubbard Glacier on a side trip from the cruise. It is estimated that it was approximately 7 ½ by 70 miles long and 770 ft. deep. All Gloria could think of was The Titanic. All agreed that it takes time getting used to 22 hours of sunlight and 2 hours of semi-darkness. A great vacation and many memories.

Back to meetings after the Holiday. July 7th. at 6:00 PM the Prospect Fire Dept. will hold their monthly meeting. July 10th. the Prospect Community Club will hold their meeting in the dining room at 7:00 PM. Their Baked Bean supper will be held July 12th. 4-6 PM in the dining room and Monday, July 14th. the Prospect Historical Society will meet in the dining room at 7:00 PM. Another planning meeting for the Prospect Day will be held that week also.

Things are ramping up for the 220th. Prospect Day in honor of its Birthday. Elwin is in the process of clearing a trail to Kilman’s Landing (old race track) for the horse and wagon rides and Gloria is the chairman for the Fireworks Display conducting a Donation Drive to raise the money for the event. Want to contribute, let her know. All donations are tax deductible and any donation or check may be made out to The Prospect Historical Society- ( a 401c-non profit organization.

Vera Dyer went to the Belfast Register of Deeds recently, researching the ownership of the land where The Marsh School was built. She found and received a copy of a deed from Joseph and Judith Seger of Prospect that was donated to the School District No. 3, for the purpose of building a School House there-dated 1838. She also found deeds from William and Luther Mudget to the North Cemetery Burying Ground. One deed was dated 1850 and two other deeds were dated 1854.

There are many events planned for Fort Knox this month and also remember the Bucksport Bay Festival will also be held this month, July 25th. and 26th.

I want to wish you all a very safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. God Bless you all.

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