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By Barbara A. Tilley | Aug 01, 2014

Barbara A. Tilley


To everyone celebrating a Birthday or an Anniversary this month of August, I wish you a good day and many more.

I am in mourning for the Red Sox. All the trades made Weds. gutted the team but in all fairness, they did need some changes BUT 9 players were traded! As any long standing Red Sox fan knows it’s the mantra “it will be better next year.”

An Osprey is building a late nest on the East end of the Penobscot Narrows platform that has been up there since the bridge was opened. Maybe she is getting it ready for next year?

My Birding Friend, Carol Cooper sent me an Email with the information of a nest of Bluebirds. When the eggs were laid they were all white and she was wondering if indeed they were Bluebirds, but they were and she and I looked at them the other day and they are probably leaving the nest in the next couple of weeks. Mama Bluebird was not happy with us opening the box. I lent Carol a book I have on Bluebird trails showing the white eggs. I hope we may get a late nesting as it has been two years since they nested here.

Linda Gamble and her family went to Rangeley Lake for a 7 day stay and had a wonderful time. They rented a house for the week (no one wants to sleep on the hard ground anymore in a tent). Linda’s daughter Karrie Mc Bride, daughter Gabby and husband Mike, Guy and partner Carrie and Grandson Carter and Kristie, husband Rupert and dog made up the group and Linda said the weather was perfect.

Stewart and Cathy Parker went to Boston for a check up on Stewart’s elbow and hopefully it will continue to heal. It must be very hard for him to sit around for a couple of weeks, but must be done. Hang in there, Stu.

Cuddy Gross of Bucksport asked me to come over and get a box of old Town Reports, Obituaries and other clippings that his Father, Alton Gross had collected over the years and during the 20 years or so that he was a Selectman here in Prospect. Cuddy is giving them to the Prospect Historical Society in his Father’s name. He said there were more papers and information at his Brother’s house and hoping to convince him to donate them also. We had a grand time talking about Prospect and our memories of it. His family lived here in town for many years and then moved to Verona. Also included in the collection were two framed pictures. One of Officers and members , 1938 of the Prospect Temple No. 78 and the other a picture of the Officers-1938 of the McKinley Lodge, K. of P. No. 87. I could identify some of the Ladies, including my Mother. Loved to go to their yearly installations. Thanks Cuddy.

Talked with Gloria Boynton about the donations she has received for the Fire Works Oct. 4th. She said that she has received about ½ of the goal of $5,000. for a good presentation. The time is going fast and many, many plans still to be implemented, so if you would care to help, please call Diane Terry, Chairman 567-3621. Always need help.

August is Picnic month and Fort Knox is treating the Prospect and Stockton Springs Fire Dept. and Rescue Squad to a picnic Aug. 3 for all the many times they responded to the Fort Observation Tower and other calls for assistance. We are very fortunate to have these dedicated crews to help us. Thanks to you all for a job well done.

August 10th.. Noon time, the Historical Society will have a picnic at Fort Knox also. It is a Pot Luck, bring what you want to drink and there will be hot dogs and etc. there. We extend an invitation to Community members also. Nice to visit, reminisce and laugh.

The Bean Supper will be Aug. 9th. 4-6 in the dining room. There will be 2 more after this. Time is flying.

Some history on one of our Sea Captains-W.R. Heagan of Prospect Ferry, Maine , the mate Charles Carlson of Boston and the cook, John Stevens of Boston were washed overboard of the ship Belmont and cast ashore clinging to the wreckage over Peaked Hill Bars and headed to Maine, with 4837 bags of sugar, while 6 other crew members drowned. The date was April, 1894.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. God Bless you all.

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