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By Barbara A. Tilley | Aug 14, 2014

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Barbara A. Tilley


This will be a busy month for people with gardens. There seems to be an abundance of cukes, zucchini, beans, tomatoes, greens and much more. Some people were not so lucky with their crops but their neighbors have plenty. And then there is HAY.

The Moody-Smith Family had a Family Reunion at the home of Jackie and Hanna Moody with approximately 35 people-some came early and then others came later. Hanna said the kids loved the pool and of course there was plenty to eat. Gertrude Smith’s Brother Marshall Rhein of New York came and spent the day. Gertrude has been out to her son’s, Jimmy home in New York recently so she had a chance to see all her family.

Jerri (Smith) Patterson and husband Richard had a very scary week as their 1 year old Grandson whose Mother is Shanna Jones of Auburn, fell downstairs and had to be taken to Maine Medical Center in Portland where they put a drain in his brain to drain the fluid. It was touch and go for awhile but he received the treatment quickly and has recovered enough so he could go home. How wonderful for the family.

The Prospect Historical Society held a Picnic at Fort Know August 10th. with 8 people present. Before we ate there were 2 items that had to be discussed and voted on. We were asked to vote for new ceiling tiles in the Marsh School and 4 light tiles, which was unanimous and also the paint colors for the interior. We had beautiful weather for the day and everyone was surprised by Connie Mancevice when she produced the “fixings” for S’Mores. Delicious.

Sympathy to Sheri Dyer and her family due to the death of her Brother, Joseph D. Theriault of Bucksport. May only happy memories give them comfort during this trying time.

I have to also send Sympathy to Buck and Cindy Bulkey of Stockton Springs because of the tragic death of their Grandson. We all lost a child that day when someone so young goes home. God Bless you all.

The Bean Supper August 9th. was a record supper. We meet so many new people and they were very gracious with their remarks which keeps us going. There will be two more suppers, one in Sept. and then Oct. rounds up the season. HINT-there will be something special featured at the Oct. supper as a Thank you for your support. My lips are sealed!!

Gloria Boynton and daughter-in-law Heather are at the gate of Verso today to get donations for the Fire Works Show that will be the finale on Oct. 4th. A few of us made cookies for them to hand out. If you care to donate to the fund, please let Gloria Boynton or Carol Johnson know and it will be gladly accepted.

Anyone play Horse Shoes? We will be having a Tournament if enough sign up that day. We are about ready to get the schedule out so people can plan where and what to do.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. God Bless you all.

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Posted by: Jeff Davis | Aug 15, 2014 13:47

I don't go towards the Bucksport mill that often; nor am I familiar with the ladies collecting for the fireworks. But I slipped a little cash donation in the hidden compartment of my wallet for the next time I see you out mowing. I am confident that will be before October. I've told you before, but I love your town column. It's warm and inviting. And that's what a town column should be. You are my columnist mentor and I never write the Stockton Springs News until I've read the Prospect News. Thank you for showing me and the rest of your many readers that Maine, the Way Life Should Be is not just a slogan.

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