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By Barbara A. Tilley | Aug 22, 2014

Prospect News

Barbara A. Tilley


I am pleased to report that Jackie Moody is now out of ICU and in a regular room in the Lewiston Hospital. She is scheduled for another operation in the near future but in the meantime she has improved steadily and prayers do help, so please keep sending prayers her way.

Does anyone have a movie screen that the Historical Society may borrow for their next two meetings? Sept. 8th, 7:00 PM, Mr. Todd Little-Siebold , Professor of History at the College of the Atlantic will be the guest speaker and he will be talking about apples native to the area and showing slides. Everyone is invited and if you have an apple that you need to have identified, bring it with you. We do hope that there will be a good turnout for this busy man to come here. Light refreshments will be served after. On Oct.13th. a Presentation will be given by Lois Gianni on the Life of Oriana Harding (formally of Prospect) and who died in 1965. She was one of the first Deaconess of the Deaconess Hospital in Boston and this was quite an achievement for a Woman back then. Hope you can also make the Nov. 10th. Meeting with a presentation of Glass Slides and Photos of Waldo County. This meeting also starts at 7 PM and will be the last meeting of the year. Our Christmas Party will be in Dec.

The Selectmen awarded the Snow Removal Contract to Elwin Boynton. Elwin has held this contract for years but when there is a change in the costs involved, it must go out to Bid. We know the roads will be taken care of and people will be able to get out and go to work early, which is appreciated by the people. He and his son, Chuckie have done a good job and will continue to do so.

I went out to Charlie Fairbrother’s Yard Sale yesterday to look through papers and books that once belonged to Charlie Gray, a long time Town Clerk of Prospect. In them I found an Obituary of my Grandfather, George W. Haley who died in 1936. Looked hard to find one of my Grandmother, Grace Haley who died in 1937 but it was not there. Charlie also donated 2 dozen Treasurer’s and School Reports of Prospect to the Historical Society. Their very interesting, Thanks Charlie. I also bought a chest with 3 handmade quilts made with small squares that had been gathered, tied and then sewn together. What a vast amount of work went into those. One quilt needs to be finished on the edges but still beautifully done. Even the chest was handmade.

Prospect Day-220th. Birthday which will be celebrated Oct. 4th. Is coming soon and there has been much work done to The Marsh School to ready it for an Open House. There will be a lot of activities that day, ending with Fire Works at night up by Elwin Boynton’s Farm Pond-bring a chair and either a jacket or a blanket as it will probably be cool. More to follow.

The Community Club will hold their meeting Oct. 9th. 7:00 PM in the dining room.

The Prospect Community Club will hold another Bean Supper Sept. 13th. 4-6:00 PM. We hope we will have the same turnout as the one this month. NOTE; Have a request that people DO NOT Park in front of the store if you are attending the supper. We share the parking there with the store and as you know not much room there. From our entrance to the Dining Room back to the Store is their parking area, Thank You. Our final supper of the year will be Oct. 11th. and there will be a special treat for people.

Labor Day is right around the corner and so is back to School. With the traffic for Blue Hill Fair and Labor Day, drive with caution and then when School starts, remember when the Bus lights are flashing Red, the traffic on both lanes stop.

I want to wish you all a Safe and Healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a Prayer-Jackie. God Bless you all.

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