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By Barbara A. Tilley | Oct 18, 2012

Prospect News

Barbara A. Tilley


The Prospect Community Club want to thank all the people that attended the last Bean Supper of the season, Oct. 13th. It was a huge success and we saw several new faces and many old friends. We will start again in April with the Bean Suppers but in January and February 2013, we will be sponsoring 2 Spaghetti and Meatball Suppers for the Prospect Concerns-to help people with emergency heating. The price of heating oil being so high, it cuts down on the amount of people that we can help. Please remember to sign up for L Heap and also Real Estate Tax and Rent Assistance. It is best not to wait too long as they are predicting a hard, cold winter and the funds will go fast.

The Warm Coat Project for Waldo County is once again collecting coats, warm sweaters, blankets, hats, mittens and etc. They ask that the items be clean and in good condition. A box has been placed in the Town Hall for the collection and will be there until the first week of Dec. Distribution will take place on the days that the Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes are given out. For more information, call Debbie Mitchell, 338-1255.

National Make A Difference Day will be held at the Sandy Point

Community Club Building, located on Rte. 1 in Sandy Point, 10:00 AM- 3:00 PM. Calling all knitters, crocheters, quilters and spinners-beginners to advanced. Create mittens, hats, scarves, socks or shawls. All items that you make, you take and donate them to a charity of your choice. They do ask that you bring 1 can good and it will be given to the Searsport Food Pantry. Bring your lunch and something to drink or you can order from a menu to the Good Kettle. This is sponsored by Hands to Work, Hearts to God Prayer Shawl Ministry of the Sandy Point Congregational Church.

Frank and Pattie Coombs were at the supper last Sat. night with a group of friends. Frank was walking slowly but nevertheless, he was getting around and slowly healing. Prays do help.

Ed and Miriam Perry had a visitor this past Monday. A black bear was checking out empty bird feeders in back of their house. When he couldn’t find any seed, he ambled off. We believe this is the same one that Sam and Lois Gianni saw two weeks ago, just up the road from Ed’s and Miriam’s house. Not much feed in the woods this year but they should be getting ready to hibernate, so watch your feeders as they need to fill up before then.

Jen McVeigh and Skip McCormick were in New York over the weekend, visiting family and friends and attending a Jazz Concert.

Norman Boynton, along with his son Shawn were in the Jackman area last week trying to get a Moose but all they saw was 7 cows and 1 bull that was too far away. Elwin, Chuckie and Tucker Boynton and Gary Scanlan from Bucksport were up there with them for two days. Shawn is home on leave from the Navy Seabees and will be leaving this weekend. But they had a good time riding around seeing the county up there. Norman has traveled all over the United States but said he didn’t realize what a wonderful place it was up North.

The big question of the week has been ”Did you feel the Earthquake?” the other night. Paul and I were both sitting in our recliners when we noticed they were shaking a little and we thought it had to be an earthquake which was verified the next morning in the paper.

Wednesday Oct. 7th., Lois Gianni, Jen McVeigh and I went out back of Prospect to the Clark Road looking for the Clark Cemetery-another lost cemetery. We parked in Francis and Penny Nault’s driveway with their permission and heading down in the woods. We followed a path and was down quite far when we decide that we wouldn’t be able to find it and would have to go find someone that could help us. We heard a voice calling and it was Francis wondering where we were. He knew we were down there so he had gone down to the cemetery but we weren’t there so he came looking for us. Thankfully, he led us to the cemetery and helped to scrape of the moss and dirt off the stones. We found 17 stones and copied down the names and the dates of those that we could read. The last date of a person’s death was that of Eastern Clark’s-1905. The names of the people buried there were: Jonathan Ward ( a veteran of the Battle of Hampden, War of 1812)-died Oct.10, 1857 and his wife Eunice-died in 1879, Eunice H. Berry, Feb.19th. 1844 and George Berry, died Apr. 19th. 1844, James Berry died 1836, Rev. John Clark, died 1871( he was also a Veteran of the 1812 War of Hampden and the cemetery was named after him)died Aug. 8. 1871, his brother, Robert Clark and also was in the battle of Hampden War 1812-died Oct. 20th, 1874. There were other families-the Thompson’s, Kingsbury’s, Snow, Bowden, Swett, Ward and Whidden for a total of 26 graves. We did not find all the stones but with some digging, we are sure that they can be found.

The Prospect Fire Dept. had some practice last Saturday as they burned the old barn that was on the land previously owned by Joe and Martha McLain. Do not who the owners are now but I am glad for Martha and Joe that they don’t have to worry about the up keep on the property now.

Halloween night 5:30 -8:00. The Firemen will be handing out treats to the children in Town. They have done this for several years and it helps the Trick or Treaters to gather in one place.

Saw 40-5- Canadian Geese flying South today-that is a sign of what is coming. Glad all this rain was not snow!

The Cardinals have returned to our deck after an absence of 1 ½ years. Do hope that they will stay this winter-love to watch them.

To all of you that a receiving Social Security, isn’t it comforting to know that we will get a raise of 1.2 % because the cost of living didn’t go up that much? I’d like to know how they can say with a straight face, that cost of living didn’t go up that much. Every day we see the cost of gas, oil, food and everything else that we need, go up and not just a penny but many pennies. With that in mind, remember the Election is coming up Soon. Nov. 6th. Voting starts at 10:00 AM here in the Town Office until 8:00 PM. Hope that everyone gets out as there are many decisions to be made. Don’t know how we are ever get the Economy back to normal but have to get sensible people in the Offices who will work for the people.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. God Bless You All.

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