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By Barbara A. Tilley | Nov 29, 2012


Ready or not, here comes December, the last month of the year, and Christmas. So far we have avoided the snow, but the cold is something to reckon with. The old timers used to say that if the first snowstorm was taken away by rain, then we would have an open winter. We will see.

Vivian Smart had a houseful for Thanksgiving; and she was very happy to have her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, son-in-law, daughter-in-laws, nieces and nephews, 23 in all, together. It was a potluck, so she didn’t have to do all the cooking and they had a wonderful time. They came from Prospect, Frankfort, Ellsworth, Bucksport and Massachusetts.

Don and Carol Johnson and family went over to Bucksport and had their Thanksgiving meal with Carol’s brother, Jimmy, and family.

Paul and I went over to Bucksport and had our meal with our daughter Lisa, her husband, Dwayne, and their children, Adam and Sarah, and Sarah’s friend, Jeremy. We had the turkey with all the fixings, then we sat around and just talked, which was very enjoyable. We don’t do that enough as a family anymore -- busy, busy and that is why time goes by so quick.

Did you get your flu shot yet? We got ours today and the doctor said it is just beginning to show up in the area.

There still is time to sign up for the Christmas dinner and gift box at the Prospect Town Office, as I believe the deadline is Dec. 6. Call 567-3661 or drop into the office and sign up, as this is first come, first served. It is sponsored by People to People, and the gift box is valued at $50.

For $11 a person can buy three boxes of clear plastic window kits and each kit will cover three windows on the inside of your house; it really cuts down on the drafts coming in. We did not remove our bedroom A/C this winter, but put one of these clear windows over it, and it works real well. With these you don’t have to use a ladder, just a hair dryer to shrink it after installation. Anybody can do it. The only drawback is that in the spring when you take it off, some paint will come with the tape -- nothing serious.

The Prospect Community Club will have a busy Christmas season. There is a chart with 100 squares that will be sold for $1 a square for a box of Christmas dinner at Maddie’s Place. This will be drawn off Dec. 15. There will be a 13-pound turkey, potatoes, onions, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, squash, carrots, butter, milk (whole and canned), rolls, pie, a bag of apples, pickles and much more. The squares are selling well, and the sale of them will benefit the scholarship fund for a graduating Prospect student who is going on to college or trade school.

Also, the club is offering a new warm coat to any child in town who needs one. Call me and tell me the size, and if it is for a boy or girl. We have received a $100 donation from the Belfast Rotary Club Children’s Fund to be added to what we have allotted. All programs that the Community Club administers for clothing and/or the Prospect Concerns are confidential. Numbers may be mentioned, but not names. At one time or another in my life, I have been in the situation where I needed help and there wasn’t much out there, so if you can use one of the programs, do not hesitate to call. The fuel assistance can only be granted on an emergency basis, but sign up for LHeap as soon as possible.

Starting Dec. 1, the office for Joe For Oil will be accepting applications for 100 gallons of fuel. This is Joe Kennedy Jr.'s company, and in conjunction with the president of Venezuela and Citgo, they have helped many families here in town and all over the country. The toll- free number is 877-563-4645, and do not hesitate on this, either, as the demand is high. Hopefully, with the help of neighbors, family and friends, the people will get through the winter and stay warm.

The Community Club will be sponsoring a spaghetti and meatball benefit supper Jan. 12 4-6 p.m. in the dining room, and also again Feb. 9 4-6 p.m. We will be accepting donations at the door -- big or small -- with thanks. These suppers will benefit the Prospect Concerns Fund for emergency  heating. Hope to see you there.

Jenny McVeigh and Skip were in New York over Thanksgiving for five days and did a lot of driving around the hard-hit areas from Hurricane Sandy. They were amazed at all the debris piled up waiting to be hauled off and were very thankful that they no longer lived in that area. There are always other people in worse shape than we are.

Gertrude Smith was also in New York for Thanksgiving with her son, Jim, and family. Haven’t talked to her since she came back, but I hope that it is was warmer there.

For all the people celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, I want to wish you a great day and may your wishes come true and may you have many more years with your loved one.

Remember, Dec. 7 is Pearl Harbor Day. Take a brief minute that day and say a prayer for those who lost their lives. In 1983, Paul and I went to the Pearl Harbor Monument, which is the still-commissioned ship Arizona, and looked down at the outline of the ship deep in the water. It gave me goosebumps when I heard the story that the Arizona will never be decommissioned, as it is the permanent grave of more than 1,000 sailors. God bless them.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week, and please remember those who need a card or a prayer. God bless you all.

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