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By Barbara A. Tilley | Dec 06, 2012


Two and a half weeks ago we had high winds for a day and it blew a tree branch down onto the chain link fence on the basketball court, bending down the east side and warping the posts in that area. Some good Samaritan cut and removed the tree and the Newport Fence Company repaired the fence and now we're just waiting to have the other rim and basket put up in the spring. Whoever cut the branch, a big thank-you.

Becky and Ralph McAvoy of town had 40 relatives and friends attend a supper Dec. 1 in the Community Dining Room. Becky wants to do this once a month so the family can visit more. She said they had a good time and the children had a chance to play together.

I called to check on Frank Coombs and his progress. He has been feeling better, but now he has been suffering with a bad cold for the past week. Do hope that he will recover from it soon.

Pattie also told me that because I had written about Frank's health problems, a longtime friend sent him a card from Florida. She had played music with them many years ago, and was glad to get his address and send him a get well card. Her name is Alice Beans and her husband passed away 17 years ago, but many old memories still exist. Pattie said that over the years she had wondered about them and where they were. Mrs. Bean is Baxter Cook’s mother-In-law, and they bought her a subscription to the Journal so she can follow the news around here. Glad that my writing got them reunited again. Best to you all.

The Christmas basket with a complete turkey dinner is filling up now. There is a list on the box of items that can’t be put in until the drawing, like milk, pumpkin pie, whipped topping, eggs, rolls and etc. This basket will be drawn off Dec. 15.

Jen McVeigh and I went shopping today to help Santa Claus get the last of the gifts for the Christmas party Dec. 15. Trying to find age-appropriate gifts isn’t as easy as it was in the past -- probably because I am from the old school -- but it was fun trying. I’m sure they will like what Santa brings them. He will be there at 2 p.m.

No more Twinkies? Surely some company will pick up the label, but it really isn’t right that the people who are responsible for running the business into the ground get those ridiculous bonuses! And the people who are out of work because of how the company was run have my sympathy, because the job market is down and with winter coming and the holidays, it must be very stressful for them.

Which leads me to make a comment on the Mayan calendar and the date that the world is going to end -- baloney!

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week, and please remember those who need a card or a prayer. God bless you all.

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