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By Barbara A. Tilley | Jan 03, 2013


Jay Webster gave me a Christmas card from the hunters who gather every hunting season at the camp owned by the Bohnenberger family of Massachusetts with $130 enclosed. Every year they come up to hunt, and used to be joined by Raymond Webster Sr., of town. Raymond passed away, but the group always remembers him with a collection, which they donate to the Prospect Community Club. Last year and this year as well, it was decided to put the funds into the Scholarship Fund, along with money raised with the sale of chances on the Christmas dinner. The scholarship will be given in memory of Raymond Sr. to a Prospect student who will be going on to college or a trade school. This past year, the scholarship was given to Rachele Kaline Daley of 68 Partridge Rd., Prospect. The $250 scholarship will be given after a student has finished the first semester and intends to continue.

Jan. 19 4-6 p.m., the Prospect Community Club and Fire Dept. will be sponsoring a benefit spaghetti and meatball supper for the Prospect Concerns Fund. This provides emergency heating oil to help people stay warm. As you all know, the price of fuel has gone up so much that 100 gallons costs $357 to $395, so we can only do so much with it and the need is great. We currently have more than $800 left in the account, and so hope that the benefit supper will give it a boost. Another supper will be held Feb. 9. The menu will be spaghetti, meatballs, salad, rolls, pies and cakes. We are asking for donations at the door, and will appreciate any amount for this cause.

Received a long history of the Clarks of Prospect from Eddie Harriman from Canada. He was born and brought up in the town and has been interested in the history of the families here. The common ancestor was John Clark of Scotland, who emigrated to Mirramachee, New Brunswick, shortly after the American Revolution. Before 1790, John moved from to New Brunswick to Waldoboro, where he met and married Abigal Catlin of that community. They had four sons and five daughters. As of 1818 the four brothers had moved to the Half Moon Pond area in Prospect, which in later years became known as the Clark Settlement. They are buried in the cemetery that we visited last year, and which we hope to clean up and identify to others. More on that later.

I started to use the electric snow shovel on our deck, but all I could muster was to go around the edge and to each bird feeder. It is still sitting on the deck (I hoped that a good fairy would finish it for me), to no avail, so I will try to finish it this weekend, as I will not go out in the wind that has been trying to blow our house down over the hill. They say a warming trend is coming. Guess the flies and ladybugs heard that also, as they have been crawling and buzzing around. Come on, spring!

Please remember that the Wardens are saying the ice is still not safe to go on in many places. The snow lying on it does not help, just keeps it from freezing hard.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week, and please remember those who need a card or a prayer. God bless you all.

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