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By Barbara A. Tilley | Feb 28, 2013


The forecasters are showing sun starting next Tuesday. Hold on, we may get spring weather yet. It doesn’t take much now to get muddy! (Another season).

When you read this, it will be March, and I want to wish everyone celebrating a birthday or an anniversary a great day, and many more.

Some of the snowbirds are returning home now. Norman Boynton came back this past Monday morning from Mississippi. His son Shawn and granddaughter Madison (“Maddie”) live down there. Shawn is in the service, and Norman loves to watch Maddie when Shawn is working. He did go to Texas to see his niece and her mother, Janice Boynton, from Bucksport, who has been visiting down there for the holidays.

A very happy birthday to Stockton Springs as they celebrate their birthday of 156 years, Mar. 13t At one time, Stockton Springs was part of Prospect, which was founded in 1759. Stockton broke off from Prospect Mar. 13,. 1857, and there still are ties between the two towns. We share the ambulance service, mutual aid with the Fire Department, and have an agreement to dispose of our e-waste at their town garage the last Saturday of the month. Also, there is support from people in Prospect for their money-raising efforts for Stockton church steeple. Even though town correspondents are not supposed to infringe on other towns' news if they already have a correspondent, it is very hard to draw a line on some news when we share so much together.

Here we go into March with steep budget cuts coming that will affect so many deserving people and the middle class, and I read that the federal government will supply the rebels in Syria with $60 million in medicine and humanitarian efforts, and also another $60 million to deliver basic goods, security and education to the communities that are under rebel control. This makes my blood boil, as we have in the past helped the rebels in other countries and then they turn on us and use what we gave them to destroy us. We have people in this country who need help for basic needs, heat, food, affordable medicine and such, but we are going to have to suffer these massive budget cuts to help reduce the national budget. How and who put us into that situation? In the meantime, private individuals, realizing the need of many, help with heat programs, and towns are facing raising taxes on their citizens because the state also has a sorry situation in its budget. It is time that common sense prevails and we (the government) take care of our own people!

Don’t forget to change your clocks ahead one hour next Saturday, Mar. 9, for Daylight Saving Time.

Mar. 14 at 7 p.m. in the dining room, the Prospect Community Club will have its first meeting of the year. Also, we will have a guest, Mary (Fairbrother) Brown, an RN, talk to us about osteoporosis, the prevention of, risks and treatments. Everyone is invited and hopefully we will have a good turnout.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week. Watch out for the ice under the snow, and please remember those who need a card or a prayer. God bless you all.

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Posted by: Jeff Davis | Mar 21, 2013 16:58


Posted by: Barbara A. Tilley | Mar 18, 2013 11:04

Just noticed your Post. I will still write about Stockton in my column when the news also effects Propsect people, not to infringe on your column. Think we can do a good coverage of events. Have a good week.

Posted by: Jeff Davis | Mar 03, 2013 07:32

I think we should apply for an exemption. Look at the number of times I mentioned Ed and Miriam. Officially, I should only mention the store.

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