Prospect Town Meeting

By Barbara A. Tilley | Apr 03, 2014

Prospect Town Meeting

Barbara A. Tilley


Only 25 people plus 5 Officials turned out for the Annual Town Meeting March 29th. at the Prospect Fire Dept. area. First order of Business was to elect a Moderator for the meeting and longtime Moderator Norris Staples of Frankfort was elected.

The results of the vote for Town Officials was read, Heather Boynton was reelected Selectman for 3 years, Elwin Boynton received 36 votes for Road Commissioner, Harland Gamble received 4 and Stan Drinkwater received 1 write in vote. Elwin has been the Road Commissioner for many years. The School Board member received 1 write-in vote for Jackie Moody which was declined and 1 write –in vote for Linda Gamble which was also declined so now the Selectmen have to appoint someone for that position unless someone steps forward and volunteers.

Permission was given to 3 Political Canidates to introduce themselves to the people. They were Veronica Magnam of Sandy Point seeking to be Representative of District 31 which has been enlarged to include Penobscot, Otis and Orrington, John Faukered seeking a

Senate seat also in District 31 and Karl Ward seeking Representative position for District 131.

The usual Articles concerning Salaries for the Town Officials were passed with no comment. Selectman Bill Sneed and Fire Chief Tim Terry spoke about the great job that the Road Commissioner and son “Chuckie” have done taken care of the roads for the Townspeople especially in the Winter. They received a well deserved round of applause.

The Deputy Town Clerk, Ashley Bowden received an increase in pay and Bill complimented Ashley and Jill for the fine job that they do, receiving another round of applause. They saved the Town approximately $600.00 by printing the Town Report in house.

Town owned Real Estate that the Town owns now for non-payment of taxes was voted unanimously to allow the Selectmen to sell said Real Estate to the highest bidder. Since the ‘60s, it was offered to people in Town first and then if no buyers, it could be sold to the public. This was changed on the advice of MMA.

On Article 33, asking the people to raise and /or appropriate for snow and ice removal, Road Commissioner Elwin Boynton made a motion to increase the request of $100,500. To $110,550 due to the increase in the price of salt, gas and the rising cost of equipment to be replaced. The Article passed unanimously.

The article for new Social Programs, MPBN, Life Flight and Waldo Count Search and Rescue was voted to by-pass by the people. The other 9 programs which benefited the people were passed. Barbara Tilley gave a brief report on the Prospect Concerns Fuel Fund, the amount on hand of $1700. plus the request for $2200. would give the fund a good start for the next season. Since the inception of the fund, there has been over $8,000 paid to Fuel Companies on behalf of the people needing emergency heat. With the high cost of fuel, each delivery has cost $345.00 to $420.00 for 100 gallons. It doesn’t take long to reduce the Fund. This Fund is for Emergency Fuel Assistance only, not a monthly basis.

The Townspeople voted to take $60,000. from surplus to help reduce taxes in Article 46.

The request for payment of the final installment for the property revaluation in the amount of $11,000. Was approved and Selectman Diane Terry said that this made the town free of Debt. This shows good management by the Officers and a good understanding by the people of where the money goes.

The motion to adjourn was made and accepted at 10:45 AM.

Submitted by Barbara Tilley

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