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Publication of ring photo leads to return of lost camera

Device misplaced after marriage proposal
By Tanya Mitchell | Aug 13, 2012
Courtesy of: Belfast Police Department This image was one of a few that police found on a digital camera that a citizen found near the boathouse Sunday, July 22, and turned in to police.

Belfast — Police announced Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 14, the owner of a lost digital camera, turned in to the police department Sunday, July 22, has come forward and claimed the device.

"The owner contacted me today and I had her send me a photo of the ring on her finger," Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said in an email to The Republican Journal. "She was also able to tell me the make of the camera."

Cunningham said the woman told him about a double exposed photo that she said was on the SD card, and Cunningham said he found that image on the card when he took a second look at its contents.

The woman told Cunningham she and her boyfriend had been visiting the Rockland area for the summer and decided to attend the Maine Celtic Celebration over the weekend of July 21-22 because both have Irish roots.

She also explained the significance of the ring featured in the photo Cunningham released to the local media late last week.

"He proposed to her at the Celtic Festival," said Cunningham.

Shortly after she accepted her boyfriend's proposal, the woman said, she misplaced her camera.

Cunningham said a citizen found the camera near the boathouse and immediately turned it in to police. Upon further inspection, Cunningham found the camera contained a few images, including one of a group of people playing ball near the gazebo and another of a hand sporting a woman's ring.

Cunningham sent the photo of the ring out to the local media late last week in an effort to get the word out about the lost camera. The hope, said Cunningham, was that the owner of the camera might see the image, recognize the jewelry and contact police to identify the lost property.

Tuesday, Cunningham said he was happy to see the Sony CX55 model camera returned to its rightful owner, and the owner of the camera expressed gratitude to the person who found it and turned it in to police.

"She was ecstatic that there is still good in the world," Cunningham said. "... Sometimes it pays off to go the extra mile."

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Posted by: Paul Sheridan | Aug 14, 2012 09:03

Remember also, if you FIND a camera or if you LOSE a camera (or cell phone w/camera):


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