Question of the day: How do I update my Facebook business page from my mobile phone?

By Dream Local Digital | Mar 26, 2011

Updating your Facebook business page from your mobile phone:

In order to build interest in a promotion, get the word out quickly about a topic, or post photos, you may want to update your Facebook business page from the road with your mobile phone. This is possible to do by sending an email to a special email address, which in turn updates Facebook. Because these email addresses post directly to your Facebook page under the name of the business with no other user name or log in information, it's very important that you keep these email addresses private just among the team that needs to use them.

How to find the email address: Go to your business page on Facebook. Underneath the logo, there is a link called "edit page". Click that. Then, go to MOBILE. Hit edit. From there you'll be given a unique email address that you can use to update your page.

How to use it:

1. The subject line: the subject line of your email will be the status update on Facebook. This is what people will see, put your message there.

2. Leave the body of the email blank

3. Attach photos or videos if you would like to, the subject line will become it's caption

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