Quickbooks Keyboard Shortcuts

By Ballou & Associates | Apr 14, 2014

Using the Control key to open frequently used documents:

= :  bring up the calculator in a register

Control + 1:  display product information with information about your company

Control + insert:  add a line to a list of items

Control + delete:  remove a line from a list of items

Control + a:  open your chart of Accounts

Control + c:  copy your selection to Clipboard

Control + d:  Delete check, invoice, transaction, or item from list

Control + e:  Edit a transaction selected in register

Control + f:  open a window to Find something

Control + g:  Go to the other side of a transfer transaction

Control + i:  open the create Invoice form

Control + j:  open the customer Job list window

Control + k:  open service Keys window

Control + l:  open a List for the current drop-down menu

Control + m:  Memorize a transaction

Control + n:  create a New item in any transaction or list

Control + p:  Print the current form, list, or register

Control + q:  display a Quick report on the selected transaction

Control + r:  open the Register Window

Control + t:  open your memorized Transactions

Control + u:  Use item in a list

Control + v:  paste clipboard contents

Control + w:  open a form to Write checks

Control + x:  move a selection to the clipboard

Control + y:  open a transaction journal

Control + z:  undo previous action

Here are some simple date field shortcuts:

+ :  moves the date forward one day

- :  moves the date backward one day

T:  brings date to current day

M:  brings date to first of current month

H:  brings date to end of current month

Y:  brings date to first of current year

R:  brings date to end of current year


Ballou & Associates has been providing bookkeeping services in the Midcoast area for over 25 years. Owned and operated by Tammy Swasey- Ballou, Ballou & Associates offers a full range of bookkeeping services tailored to the needs of our individual clients. Being a small business allows us the flexibility to offer special services like pick-up and drop-off of your monthly bookkeeping, on-site work and remote service. Tammy is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisor and can set-up, customize, or troubleshoot your QuickBooks.

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