radio program schedule for Saturday.

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6-8am “WORLD in SONG,” a vast variety of music.


8-10am Red Barn Radio – with DJ Rodger Strickland.

Get your Saturday morning  started right with a show that will highlight a specific artist each week with a creative mix of deep track gems including interviews and  in depth examination of the influences and times surrounding the artist’s creative period. From the Talking Heads to the B 52’s to the Grateful Dead and Beck, each week we’ll uncover the stories behind the artists and the  tracks that made an impact on music and culture.

Sponsored by J&B Printers & also Cafe Miranda both in Rockland.



10am-12pm  “Morning Mental Health,” with Adrian Counce music from, "Pink Floyd,"  to  "the Doors,"  to  "Alice in Chains."  Sponsored by Eureka Counseling Main St. Rockland.



12-1pm Penobscot Bay Watch with Ron Huber has moved to this day and time. Join in the discussion of Maine’s biggest most productive bay and the Gulf of Maine and beyond. The show features the people who steam, sail, and regulate these waters and the natural documentary sounds of the bay- from quiet Eggemoggin Reach to the howling Owls Head, as birds, boats, bells and foghorns make themselves known.

Sponsored by The First (Bank) & also  Brooks Trap Mill.


1-2pm “WEEKEND ROUNDTABLE,” with Ron Huber. Investigative journalism, discussion and commentary regarding the Maine State Prison system. Hear from the inside what is taking place there. Music by Mr. Jimi Hendrix. Call-ins welcome 593-0013. Sponsored by State of Maine Cheese, Rockport.


2-3pm “Old Time Radio,”  with your seasoned host…Ron Huber.

“Old  Time Radio,” brings WRFR listeners back to the Golden Age of this medium, when hundreds of radio actors spun tales of adventure, drama, comedy, romance, mystery, and more, that resounded throughout America’s homes and automobiles in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. Each week Ron Huber selects from the thousands of archived radio tales of that era. Some complete with the now-quaint commercials that made this burst of storytelling on the airwaves possible. From westerns in the High Sierras and private eye thrillers in Boston to New York romantic comedies to out of this world adventures, WRFR’s Old Time Radio, every Saturday at 2pm, offers up a selection of these stories for your listening pleasure.  Sponsored by Rock Coast Sports.



3-4pm  “World in Song.” Vast variety of music.



4-5pm “BEAM me UP,” with host Paul Cole focusing on science and science fiction stories and discussion; cutting edge science or research and it’s influence on science fiction in the future. podcast available  at: This show has a great following in this country and other countries! Sponsored by the Country Inn, of Rockport.


5-6pm "I Made You This Mixtape," with Nate Greenleaf
revives the personal compilation tapes produced by individuals in the 1980's. Often built upon a theme, the mixtape consisted of songs, poetry, comedy bits, clips from tv shows and movies, whatever... as long as it aided the creator to express what they were thinking and feeling. Usually the mixtape was created with a specific listener in mind. Our program seeks to resuscitate the now lost art of fitting as much sentiment as possible into 49 minutes. Find out how to contribute at sponsored by The Community School, Camden, Dunkin' Donuts of Rockland, and Maine Street Meats located inside "State of Maine Cheese," in Rockport.



6-8pm “World in Song,”  a vast variety of  music.


8-10pm  “Stage Fright,” with Phil Seitz. Music ranging from 50’s rock to today’s  rock & pop, also country and 70’s hard rock & hair metal. This show is sponsored by La Branche Land Surveys.


10pm -12am "Solo Salsa ," with D.J el. Bori. Every Saturday. DJ el Bori plays Salsa music from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Venezuela. DJ el  Bori was born in Puerto Rico so he knows what the best music is.  sponsored by the Community School of Camden.


12am-6am  “WORLD in SONG,” more great music all night long.



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