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By WRFR-LP Radio | Nov 10, 2013

6-8pm “World in Song,” a vast variety of music.”

8am  Larry Dansinger’s “Outside the Box,” Larry lives in Monroe and has been a community organizer in Maine for about 40 years working on issues of justice, peace, and a healthy environment. Larry believes that if all of us were more open-minded and creative in our thinking, we would come much closer to solving the problems we all face throughout the world.

“Outside the Box,” says Larry,  “gives me, and hopefully you, the listener, the chance to look at just about any topic from a unique, maybe outrageous, but legitimate and sensible point of view. I'm an odd duck, and proud of it, but not a quack. Listen in to find points of view that probably no one else will be spouting. You may not agree, but at least I hope it will challenge you to think more openly and creatively.” To reach Larry Dansinger 525-7776

after “Outside the Box,” it’s back to “World in Song.”



Approximately 8:10am - 1pm “World in Song,” a vast variety of music.”



1-3pm  “Matinee,” with Phil Seitz. This is a thematic program in which you will hear complete musical soundtracks played. Soundtracks from original Broadway Cast, original London Cast, original motion picture, sound track, etc. Musicals from song writing teams like Rogers & Hammerstein to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice; with shows from Carousel- Evita! You will also hear shows from  composers ranging from Irving Berlin- Stephen Soundheim- everything from “Annie Get Your Gun to Into The Woods.  You will also hear either a single soundtrack played or hear Phil put together one of his all-star cast recordings, the call is yours or he'll do it himself. Phil, will take your calls at 593-0013 just tell what you want to hear if he has it you'll hear it, chances are he will.  Sponsors for this show are: Mathieson Digital,  Pennyroyal Antiques Oak St. of Rockland and...the Offshore Restaurant Rte, 1 Rockport.



3-5pm World in Song.


The first Sunday of each month:  tune for Occupy Movement.


5-6pm  “Occupy Movement.”  Through inspiring music that rouses the body into movement and engages the heart we can create a potent alchemy that results in spirited action. This gives us a feeling of empowerment and abundance that is contagious and sacred, resulting in positive, healthy change in our lives, our community and the world. Occupying the Heart + Movement of the Body = Sacred Activism. This show is hosted by Aimee.

Sponsored by Astrology & More with Ananur.




6-7pm “GOOD NEWS FROM a FAR COUNTRY,” with Pastor, Mike Kee. “The format is talk. The subject is the Bible. We have preaching and great music. Sometimes we will hit on current events as they pertain to prophecy, or the Bible.  Sponsored by For His Glory Baptist Church.


6:45-7pm  “World in Song”



7-8pm  “the  HUMBLE FARMER”  hosted by  the one and only Robert Skoglund who was a popular show host on the air (Maine Public Radio MPR) for many, many years. I guess he was a bit too controversial for them and now we are proud that he is on local community radio; WRFR.  “Humble” plays great jazz and is a well known Maine humorist, from St. George, Maine.  Sponsored by Swan Restorations w/ Kyle Swan.



8-10pm “The VINYL HOUR,” with Kyle Swan. Only vinyl records covering many genres of music. Every show is different, from Big Band & Swing to Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and more… Sponsored by the Good Tern Natural Foods Co-op  & Café, Home Kitchen Cafe,  and Eastern Tire Service.



10pm-11pm “Late Night Groove,” with Kyle Swan. Join Kyle in a serendipitous walk through great sounds from the past. Classical, Jazz, Broadway Tunes and more. Sponsored by Abi Morrison of Red Bird Acupuncture.


11pm-6am  "World in Song."

*to become a sponsor of WRFR call me directly: Ananur Forma 594-2565









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