Rare blue lobster spotted at United Farmers Market

Sep 01, 2018
Capt. Sadie Samuels shows off her blue lobster at United Farmers Market in Belfast Aug. 25.

Belfast —

There is something unusual in Capt. SadieSamuels’ lobster tank at United Farmers Market of Maine, 18 Spring St. It seems the ocean has again produced an example of the elusive blue crustacean this summer.

Samuels, aboard her boat Must Be Nice, pulled the specimen from the waters off the Rockland coast and knew immediately she had something special. The lobster’s weight is estimated at 1.25 pounds, is probably about 10 years old, and, Samuels says, will continue to reside in the Must Be Nice Co.'s lobster tank.

Blue lobsters are a result of a genetic mutation which causes excess production of a certain protein. The odds of a blue colored lobster are roughly estimated to be one in two million.

Samuels has been commercially fishing since she was 7 and owned her first boat Miss Understood at 14. She has been going strong ever since. Even attending college in California didn’t deter her; she would return to Maine every summer to fish.

The public is invited to visit Capt. Sadie and her lobsters (blue included) on Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at United Farmers Market of Maine, where she serves up conversation, lobster rolls and oysters.  Folks can also enjoy prepared food, fresh produce, baked goods, artisan creations and other locally made products provided by over 65 vendors in the large indoor venue.

The market operates indoors, every Saturday, year-round. For more information, call Rob Skillings at 218-7005.

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