Reasonably Priced Veterinary Dental Cleaning

By Horse & Hound Veterinary Services | Jun 11, 2017

Horse & Hound Veterinary Services offers dental cleaning for cats and dogs. Dental disease and gingivitis can permit mouth bacteria to enter a pet's blood and travel to the heart, kidneys, liver, etc. causing other diseases to arise. Ultrasonic descaling frees the teeth and gums of bacteria & tartar allowing the mouth to restore to a healthy environment. Many pets can loose weight and condition if their mouth is too sore to chew food properly. Cost $300 which includes an exam, sedation, inhalation anesthesia, dental cleaning, tooth polishing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. If a pet is 7 years or older, we recommend a pre-anesthetic blood test to evaluate the health of the animal's organs prior to anesthesia - additional cost $50. If the mouth is very infected and/or tooth extractions have been required, we recommend antibiotics after the procedure. This cost depends on the size of the pet being treated. We welcome FREE examinations of a pet's mouth to be able to provide you with an estimate of the fees associated with a veterinary dental cleaning. Please call 557-5669 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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