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Recent Northport Golf Club play

By Staff | Jun 17, 2014

Northport — Northport Golf Club results from recent days included:

On June 15 in points quota play, Jake Thompson, Dick Clements, Cecil Eastman and Dave Sprowl finished first at 199; Randy Berry, Larry Quinn, Barry Hopkins and Mike Rovinski, second at 203; and Moe Eastman, Bob Delio, Alden Overlock and Don Pendergast, third at 209.

In Class A, Jake Thompson finished first gross 73; Randy Berry, second gross 77; Dick Clements, first net 66; and Bob Delio, second  net 71. The pin winners were: Moe Eastman, 4 feet 1 inch on the third hole; Steve Stanford, 13-0 on the ninth; Terry Whitney, 39-0 on the 12th; and  Bob Delio, 13-6 on the 18th.

In Class B, Lee Robinson finished first gross 90; Cecil Eastman, second gross 91; Mike Rovinski, first net 69; and John McKay, second net 76. The pin winners were: Don Pendergast, 13-3 on the third; John McKay, 22-0 on the ninth; and Lee Robinson, 8-0 on the 18th.

On June 11 in scotch foursome play, Moe Eastman and Vivian Fuller finished first gross 38; Jim Desmarteau and Lisa Desmarteau, first net 31.5; Mike Darres and Shirley Caler, second net 32; John Dimier and Dana Dimier, third net 33; Jeff Dutch and Norma Dutch, fourth net 33.5; and Terry Whitney and Roxie Whitney, as well as Bill Pickford and Annie Pickford, tied for fifth net 34.

In June 10 twilight league play, in Class A, Jesse Johnson, Randy Berry and Terry Whitney tied at first gross 38; Jeff Dutch and Mike Knox, tied for fourth gross 39; Alex Fritz, first net 32; and Chris Tibbetts, Greg McDaniel and Harvey Peterson, tied at second net 34. The pin winners were: Terry Whitney, 10-6 on the third; and Mike Marshall, 19-6 on the ninth.

In Class B, Alden Overlock finished first gross 44; Duke Marston, and Johns Dimier, tied at second gross 45; and John Ohlsen, Tom Lane and Brian Beaulieu, tied for first net 35. The pin winner was: Duke Marston, 14-8 on the ninth.

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