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By Frank Coutinho | Sep 02, 2018
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If you've been looking online for great relationship advice for women, you probably realized that there is a shortage of information that will teach you how to avoid a bad relationship. Moreover, it can be difficult to determine which relationship advice is effective and which is not. In this article, we will be providing women with three practical tips on how to avoid bad relationships with men,


Know What Type of Man You Want


This tip has to be one of the most core essential tips for any women because if you do not know what type of man you would want, then chances are you will be with the wrong type of man and eventually in the wrong type of relationship. Therefore, it is very important to take the time in getting to know what you want to achieve when starting a family, and hence the kind of man you want. Don't end up like so many other women who spend so much time dolling up, but attracting the wrong type of men.


Learn to Trust Your Instincts


All human beings have natural instincts for a reason, and women's instincts are usually sharper than that of men. That is why this relationship advice is often offered to women. Women are generally very perceptive and are very good at reading people's emotions, and their instincts can oftentimes lead them to make the correct decision. So if your instincts tell you that your relationship with a man isn't going to work out, then you know what you must do. You can also visit to receive a free relationship help e-book which is available for download on their website.


Become Aware of His Imperfections


It's accurate to say that no man is perfect, and whichever man you've determined to go for, you should accept both his strengths and his imperfections. For example, if you like ambitious men, then you should be prepared if they spend more time at work than with you. However, you must be sure to watch out for flaws like physical abuse or drug abuse. A valuable relationship advice for women that I can give to you is not to tolerate flaws that can bring you harm.


Learn to read the initial warning signs that your man is getting out of hand. So if you see that your man is turning into a cheater, physical abuser, alcoholic or addicted gambler, then you need to quit the relationship as quickly as you can. Moreover, be firm when you need to exit the relationship. Or else, you can find it hard to leave sometimes.


When it comes to relationship advice for women, learning how to avoid a lousy relationship starts with knowing the kind of man you want and then being aware of his flaws. Moreover, above all that, learn to trust your instincts. So if you sense that you're headed for a love disaster, learn to exit quickly, so that you don't get trapped in a harmful relationship.

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