Reward offered to locate lost dog

By Mary Butler | Feb 27, 2013

By now many of you may have noticed the "Lost Dog" postings for Jasmyn, an Australian Shepard. She went missing in November from her home in Jefferson. Many sightings have been reported from the surrounding area. Lost Pet Tracking Dogs have confirmed enough of those sightings to give all the searchers and her family hope that she will be found.

On or about Feb. 11 the family received a heartbreaking call that Jasmyn had been hit by a vehicle. To date only the location of the incident has been provided to the family. The Lost Pet Tracking Dogs were once again able to confirm Jasmyn was at the specified location, but her scent ended. These dogs are also trained to signal if the subject is deceased,  which they did not do. This led the tracker to conclude she was probably picked up.

There is a $1000 reward offered for the return of Jasmyn to her family. Her family and the many searchers realize accidents happen. They just want her home, even if that means to lay her to rest. There will be no questions asked.

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Posted by: mary ann butler | Mar 03, 2013 10:31

Last Confirmed sighting was in Belfast

Jasmyn was last seen on City point Rd. in Belfast on Feb 3rd.  If you want to follow and or participate in the search for Jasmyn join "Bring Jasmyn Home" on Facebook. All activity of her possible whereabouts is welcome. Please do not hesitate to call  Krysten at 975-9269 with any information.Let us help reunite Jasmyn with her family regardless the circumstances. Please spread the word and thank you all.

Posted by: Robin M Lewis | Mar 01, 2013 15:11

reports came from high school kids.....I think they have more information, but may be running scared.......we promise there will nobody that gets in trouble....we just need, please, if you have information that would lead to Jasmyn, it would greatly rewarded! Thank you for passing the word around. Ask a teenager that goes to BAHS or BCOPE.....that's where the answers may be. Again, NO ONE gets in trouble. Text or call....anything! Thanks in advance!


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Posted by: Joe Ryan | Feb 27, 2013 13:33

I encourage everyone to at least daily check any outbuildings, barns, garages where pets and animals will take shelter from the cold and snow.  And if you see Jasmyn or any loose animal please stop and do what you can.  Thank you.  Ginny Ryan

Posted by: Catherine Cooper | Feb 27, 2013 10:58

I hope she is found safe and sound.

Posted by: JOHNSTONE CHIROPRACTIC | Feb 27, 2013 10:53

Oh I feel such sadness for the family of Jasmyn


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