Rigging up these lights!

By Dan Dunkle | Nov 29, 2016
Getting into the spirits, I mean spirit! Beth is in the foreground and Dagney behind and to the left.

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas in the news nest, as we call our quarters on the fourth floor of the Breakwater Marketplace building.

Dagney C. Ernest and Beth A. Birmingham put up some lights to make the newsroom a bit more festive while I watched.

When it's done you stand back and enjoy the pretty lights, hopefully forgetting the bleakness of the oncoming winter.
Few people really know this but our newsroom is host to an alien lifeform.
The company has trees out front where the customers come too. Linda (or "Linder" as I call her) Hall-Stone works the desk.
The calendar on the wall in my office reflects my journalistic priorities.
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