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Rock Coast Rollers battle Elm City Derby Damez

Slam Rock Showdown proves loads of fun at smaller Point Lookout venue
By Ken Waltz and Holly Vanorse Spicer | Mar 18, 2014
Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer The Rock Coast Rollers, in black, square off against the Elm City Derby Damez in the Slam Rock Showdown on March 15 at Point Lookout in Lincolnville.

Northport — While they made a venue change from their usual summer digs at the Midcoast Recreation Center in Rockport to the more cozy confines of the Point Lookout gymnasium in Northport, the Rock Coast Rollers still put on an electrifying, hard-hitting, hip-checking show with the Elm City Derby Damez of Keene, N.H. on Saturday night, March 15.

The women's flat track roller derby bout, which got fans and participants into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day during the "Slam Rock Showdown," took place at the Rollers' winter home, Point Lookout.

Click for photos from Saturday's bout.

Watch video below.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to The Brightstar Project, which is given in memory of Jordyn Bakley, who was killed in a hit and run OUI accident on Jan. 30, 2010 while walking home.

In Saturday's bout, the Rollers prevailed 161-142.

The Rock Coast Rollers included: Katie "Miss Microburst" Haugen, Irene "Laser Wolf" Yadao, Carolyn "Vengeful Vegan" Marriner, Kristen "Chain Lynx" Eckmann, Whitney "Lady Brawlicorn" Carpentier, Dana "Crane Wrecks" Crane, Mandy "Nacho Friend" Baker, Kate "Oxidizer" Chandler, Ashley "R.I.Punzel" Pillsbury, Reba "Roto Tilda" Richardson, Kelsey "Jabberwock" Maruhnic, Sara "Vegemighty Slamwich" Bartz, Amanda "Wheel Crazy" Sprowl, Brionna "Hedda Flame" Barton (captain) and Bethany "Hurricane Bethany" McNelly-Davis (captain). The coaches were Zoe "Roll Doll" Foster and Prent "The Beard" Marriner.

The Elm City Derby Damez included: Daisy Duke Nukem, Mongol, Funke Punke Monke, 200-pound Wench Press, Demonic Delight, Killbitch Engage, Pinky Not A Taco, Bitches Bruze, Painya Collida, Don't Care Bear, Spark An Burn. The coaches were Will Jettison and Yeti Krueger.

It was a packed house with most sporting their St. Patrick's Day green in one way or another. The space at Point Lookout certainly was smaller than MRC, but the Rollers made good use of it.

The bout was action-packed with lots of slammin' and jammin' on the track. It was fast-paced and the crowd loved it.

At the beginning of the bout, it was announced the Rollers has been accepted to the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. The Midcoast group was one of nine teams/members recently accepted.

Additional information can be found on the Rock Coast Rollers' website at rockcoastrollers.org.

The Rock Coast Rollers trained hard for the upcoming derby season — practicing endlessly, skills testing and participating in clinics and scrimmages, said Irene Yadao of the team.

So far, this winter has seen a win against Central Maine Derby and a loss against Boston’s Wicked Pissahs (both unofficial scrimmages), she said.

The organization's monthly Maine-wide scrimmages have been well-attended by skaters from all over the state and from all Maine leagues, Yadao said.

On March 1, the Rollers traveled to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada to bout against the Muddy River Rollers.

An official home bout schedule, as well as team rosters, will be announced soon.

Rock Coast Rollers and Elm City Derby Damez
The Rock Coast Rollers battle the Elm City Derby Damez of Keene, N.H. on March 15 in a women's flat track roller derby bout "Slam Rock Showdown" at Point Lookout in Northport. (Video by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
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