Rockland Kiwanis Meeting Minutes for August 11th, 2014

By Dream Local Digital | Aug 25, 2014

President Katie Tarbox called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Bill Batty, Jr. offered our invocation. Guests included Carol Miller, Will Galloway, Lisa Ticci, Jennifer, Leefie, and Haydee Temple, Kate Brown, Rick Lombardi, and speaker Elliot Cutler.

Next week we'll be voting on the new club by-laws. If you'd like a paper copy, please see the president. Broadreach sent us an invitation to come view their student garden on the 16th.
President Tarbox presented Will Galloway of the Watershed School $500 for their group.
Meals on Wheels: Bill Batty, Jr. and Janet Page deliver tomorrow; Keith Wass and a guest deliver on the the 19th. Grand Raffle (GR): We need to sell tickets. We've only sold 114 of the 425 to sell, and the drawing's August 30th! OHTM: Three or four more people are needed for the auction. Sumner Kinney reports he needs people from 8-11:30am, and if you sign up, he'll provide you with a lobster roll! (Special thanks to Jackie Harjula who worked both days this past weekend.) The Aktion Club is having a cookout on 8/20; it starts at 4pm.

Recognition of Members
Birthdays: Barbara Hanson
Club Anniversary: Everett Spear III celebrates 20 years.
Secret Greeter: Mark Curtis caught Keith Wass.
Badges: all ok.
50/50: Gary Monroe won the drawing, and the 2nd place drawing too. Bill Batty, Jr. won the attendance drawing.

Gordon Page was happy for our speaker, and happy for OHTM parking. Gary Monroe was happy to win the 50/50, and happy for a motorcycle trip to Newfoundland. Tom Mellor was happy for OHTM parking, and sad his son may have Lyme disease. Doc Lombardi was happy his son was here, and happy for 2 GR tix. Ed Miller was happy for a GR tix, happy his wife was here, and happy for their 49th wedding anniversary. Sumner Kinney was happy for his wife's trip ton Monhegan, and happy for his brother in law's trip to Criehaven. Keith Wass was happy to turn in 7 (!!!) GR tix. Brad Galley was happy for a trip to DC. Barbrara Hanson was happy for a clambake on Dix Island. Katie Tarbox was happy for new chickens, happy for our guests, and happy for our speaker.

Our speaker was independent candidate for governor Elliot Cutler.

From your Spiritual Aims Committee: Things to remember: 1) The worth of character; 2) The improvement of talent; 3) The influence of example; 4) The joy of origination; 5) The dignity of simplicity; 6) The success of perseverance.


Bill Batty
Bulletin Editor

Come join us any Monday at noon at The Samoset.  We'd love to see you.  Come share in the fun and laughter.

Our website can be found at .

Our club officers are: President Katie Tarbox ; President Elect Jim Heavey; Vice President, Bill Batty, Jr.; Secretary Greg Hamlin; Treasurer Sumner Kinney; Immediate Past President Amy Shepard Pease

Our club directors are: Bill Batty, Jr., Shannon Kinney, Broo Temple, Carol Kelley, Marianne Masters, and Bobbie Wentworth

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