RSU 3 appoints first ever student board member

By Ben Holbrook | Jul 23, 2014
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Thorndike — Members of the Regional School board appointed the district's first ever student representative for a one year term.

Board members approved the nomination of Caleb Larrabee, who will be a senior at Mount View High School, to serve a one year term. Superintendent Heather Perry said Larrabee is RSU 3's first student representative on the board following discussions about incorporating student voice into the district's processes.

As a board member, Larrabee will participate fully in the meetings and while his vote will not formally count, it will be recorded in the meeting minutes, Perry said. Larrabee will not be allowed to sit in on the board's executive sessions.

In order to be nominated to serve on the board, students are required to fill out an application, which includes an essay describing why they want to serve on the board and a statement explaining how they will ensure the feedback they provide to board members represents the views and beliefs of all the students in the district.

The applications are then reviewed by the department heads and principal at Mount View High School before a nomination is forwarded to Perry. Perry said she then sits down with the student to discuss the position and to explain the responsibilities associated with participating on the board, which includes committing to attending meetings on a regular basis.

Following the interview with Perry, the student's name is brought before the full board for approval.

Perry said the district intends to expand its student member representation in the future.

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Posted by: Caitlin Hills | Jul 23, 2014 13:32

RSU 20 School Board also has a student representative , the lovely and intelligent Maylinda Boynton. It's a wonderful idea.


Caitlin Hills

Posted by: Karin Womer | Jul 23, 2014 06:24

This is a great idea! This should have been considered a long time ago.

All districts should move on this!

Keeping young adults involved in something like this is a great way to move communities forward in a positive direction!

Rosey Gerry

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