RSU 3 approves chocolate milk at elementary schools on limited basis

By Ben Holbrook | Nov 20, 2012

School board members approved a proposal to offer chocolate milk on a very limited basis at the elementary schools in an effort to see if participation in the school lunch program will increase as a result.

Chocolate milk was removed from the lunch program about six or seven years ago, after studies were published about the effects of high-sugar-content beverages and obesity, Regional School Unit 3 Superintendent Heather Perry said. The research conducted regarding the correlation between sugary drinks and obesity dealt mainly with soda, energy drinks and similar beverages.

However, because of the sugar content in chocolate milk, Perry said, officials opted to remove it from the lunch program.

“There was a big conversation about sugary drinks, and chocolate milk got thrown into that mix,” Perry said.

With the approval from the school board, chocolate milk will be offered on a once-a-week basis, and the number of students eating the school lunch will be tracked to determine if offering chocolate milk results in an increase in student participation.

As Perry explained, there are students who choose not to eat the school lunch because they won’t drink white milk. Those students may then bring a less-healthy lunch from home as a result. By offering chocolate milk, the intent is to encourage those students to eat a more well balanced school lunch.

The schools will collect school lunch participation numbers for about four months before the information is brought back to the school board for a final decision regarding whether to serve chocolate milk all the time, on a limited basis or not at all.

The district’s milk provider, Oakhurst, has since reduced the sugar content in its chocolate milk, Perry noted. However, some parents and member of the school board Kathy Eichenberg of Liberty were still concerned about offering it to students because of the sugar content.

School board members approved the serving of chocolate milk on a limited basis by a vote of seven to two, with Eickenberg and Jackson member Lisa Cooley voting against the proposal.

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Comments (4)
Posted by: Lisa Cooley | Nov 24, 2012 08:57

Do you think the District has a responsibility to set a good nutrition example? I grapple with is bad for kids to have them grow up expecting drinks to be sweet. That does result in obesity, no matter whether they have determined if chocolate milk is a villain or not. Kids should drink a lot more water, and honestly, should really be getting their calcium from greens and other non-dairy choices. But OK, they need calcium and they don't eat greens so let's give them milk. 

Should a school district set a standard for nutrition quality?

Posted by: Rita Doughty | Nov 23, 2012 21:37

I think bringing chocolate milk back is a good idea. They get the nutrition from the milk, and hard telling how much sugary drinks, and soda they drink at home. Bring back chocolate milk..!!!

Posted by: Harold Richardson | Nov 20, 2012 12:53

Note to parents and school nannies-I mean school officials:  Your kids aren't fat because they have a chocolate milk for lunch.  The problem is the computer and tv.  Get them outside-rain or shine and off of their behinds.    

Posted by: Lisa Cooley | Nov 20, 2012 12:22

Actually, I voted against it too. I felt it important, even though I knew this would pass, to show that Board members feel strongly about the nutritional quality of our lunches.

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