RSU 3 considers school closures, transportation bids at Jan. 13 meeting

Jan 10, 2014

Since 2008 RSU 3 has lost more than $4.2 million dollars in Federal and State Revenue streams due primarily to cuts to educational funding and programs at the Federal level and the state of Maine’s annual increase to the required local contributions to fund education.

Over that same time period, RSU 3 has held its overall expenditures flat in an effort to reduce negative impacts to taxpayers. In order to do so, our district has had to cut between $500,000 and $700,000 in expenditures annually. This has meant cutting 25+ teaching positions, Ed. Tech. positions, moving to a single bus run, increasing class sizes and many other cost savings measures.

The RSU 3 Board of Directors have been working over the past year to uncover additional measures intended to cut costs while being cognizant of minimizing the potential negative impacts of these cost cutting measures to students.

On Monday night, Jan. 13, the Board will review the results of two of these efforts. The first will be its RFP process for Transportation services where the Board will look to see if the intended cost savings are there.

The second item will be whether or not the Board will decide to begin a year-long process to potentially close a school for the 2015-16 School Year. If the Board considers entering into this process, it would designate the school it would like to look at potentially closing and it would direct the Superintendent to create a community stakeholder committee that would be tasked to study the potential impacts of a closure in depth and to deliver a report (along with its recommendations) to the RSU 3 Board of Directors in the fall of 2014. Only after this report is delivered might the Board consider taking a vote to potentially close a school for the 2015-16 School Year.

Interested members of the public may attend the upcoming Board meeting on Monday, Jan. 13, to listen in and participate in these discussions. The meeting will be held at Unity Elementary School in Unity, starting at 7 p.m.M embers of the public who have questions may contact RSU 3 Superintendent Heather Perry by calling 948-6136, option 8, or by e-mailing her at

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