Sandy Point Advent Series

Sandy Point Congregational Church
698 Rt1, Stockton Springs, ME 04981
Veronica Magnan

Congregational Church at Sandy Point

Weekly Service Notice

December 8, 2019

Pastor Steve Alspach, of the Sandy Point Congregational Church, will continue a series of Advent services this weekend with a message focused on Hope. This theme will be continued on Wednesday December 11 th at 12:00 pm noon with a light waffle lunch followed by a spiritual discussion of the topic as it applies in our lives. Materials will be provided. Pastor Steve will also be establishing office hours on Wednesdays after these spiritual studies till 4:00 pm. We are an open and welcoming church and we hope you will join us for our Advent and Christmas services and programs.   The church is located at 698 Rt 1 in Stockton Springs.  FMI 567-3073.