Saturn moves into Scorpio on October 5, 2012 and remains in this deep water sign until September 2015

By ananur forma | Oct 07, 2012

check out I just got an email (today is October 14th) about programs coming up that fit perfectly with Saturn in Scorpio especially the show for October 15th which I think is very important. I did get to listen in to the internet show on   the other night. The topic was,  "entities and addictions." Good information... by Marilyn Bradford, an addiction counselor. This is a Scorpio topic, for sure. She said that "beings with no forms are called "entities." 50-80% of the people have one or more attached due to compulsions & addictions, or indulgence in anger, rage, depression, shame, guilt, being too judgmental, and of course most of all she said that entities (being without a physical form) are attracted to those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Anytime we leave our consciousness vacant an entity can slip in because they crave the experience of being in a body and experiencing the sensation connected to the addiction. The entity can and will influence you to have more.........and more....... "

this is an important topic to discover and learn more about, as we become more psychic we will need to know more. I have personally removed entities when attached to certain people. Most people are naive and don't want to talk about this. When you see a someone's personalilty change due to alcohol or drugs that is a clear sign that they have been invaded by an entity. You probably already know this intuitively.

what is below I wrote on October 7, 2012.

Starting on October 5 Saturn enters into Scorpio and will remain in this intense water sign until September 2015. Saturn has a 29 ½ year cycle around the Sun, and moves through each zodiacal sign for 2 ½ years. Saturn has just been in Libra for the last 2 ½ years during which time relationships,  marriage, and women’s right to abortion has been  focused on. Libra has to do with courts, and the issue: should the government decide if a woman can or cannot have an abortion if she was raped or incested or just does not want to have a baby, maybe she is too immature, or mentally/emotionally not capable, or simply not interested in raising children. Can the government make her do this? I knew a friend in 1970 who was 1 week pregnant and had an abortion because she was young, separated from her young husband, had 1 child already and was not emotionally fit to have another child. Abortion was illegal. Her doctor set it up for her to have an abortion, quietly. If she had been forced by law to have that baby she probably would’ve had a nervous breakdown and the 2 children would not have grown up with a mother who was capable of being an ideal Mom, or close to it, that we all need. Are the criminals in prison mostly results of unwanted pregnancies? Research has shown the answer is mostly…YES. How much do we, the taxpayer spend on prisoner life in prison? Are they rehabilitated? Should they receive more education on how to integrate into society once they are set free?  Wouldn’t you want to be born to someone who is happy to be a Mom? I am thinking that with Saturn, now going into Scorpio there will be issues raised about incest, sexual diseases, life on death row and should we or should we not have a death penalty, can we afford to keep prisoners alive who are sentenced to death by injection? Would a firing squad be more humane than the suffering involved to the brain and nervous system with lethal injection, with family and friends watching the last few moments of that person’s life? ugh. Not a pleasant memory to carry. Scorpio brings us face to face with issues most of us would rather not know about, at all. If you or someone you care about was born with the Sun in Scorpio, that is between October 22-November 22 of any year then Saturn in Scorpio is relative in a personal way. Often this will be a time when close friends or family members pass on and you are left grieving. Perhaps it’s time to learn more and accept that grieving is a natural healthy process and not one that ought to be avoided. Some people think it is a sign of strength to show no sign of sadness when someone they love dies. I think it is a strong person who accepts and embraces grief as natural and knows they can feel deeply and move through it and still be a balanced person, who is temporarily saddened with good reason. Usually grief takes us by surprise. You could be in the grocery store and suddenly be hit with intense sadness with tears rolling down your face. Is that ok with you? You could hear a song that reminds you of that person and suddenly burst out crying. Grief does what it does and to accept this without controls is sane, in my opinion. To hold back such strong feelings to hold up a façade of being strong only creates an inner tension that could actually trigger a physical ailment. It could also be stimulus for poetry. Yes, getting in touch with and getting out (of the body) the feelings that are within is important for physical health. Most local Hospice groups have support group meetings for grieving friends and family members. I have personally have grief support groups to be helpful. Having been a Hospice volunteer in the past, I took advantage of whatever they offered the public to help me move through my own process when my Mom died. In Europe they were black to honor their dead loved one. This is a tradition. We don’t do this in the U.S.A. I see it as giving permission to be emotional when need be, which usually lasts for a year, although it may be longer or shorter. The sign Scorpio does have “rulership” over death and also the realm of the occult. Interesting that October 31 is Halloween and there are buses that go to Salem Massachusetts to visit “haunted houses.”  Learning more about the astral plane and the spirits hanging around the earth plane where we reside is something we might be learning more about while Saturn is moving through Scorpio, until September 2015. There are plenty of films made which scare people which are not based on fact but simply made to make money and give viewers an emotional thrill. I personally don’t go to these films because they are ridiculous in my opinion and paint a picture which creates fear about the unknown. The unknown world is called the occult world and places like Temple Heights in Northport educate the public as to what happens on the other side of life after death. Some of the people there are incredibly knowledgeable and others are…not. We will hear about and learn more about the realm of the occult during Saturn’s passage through Scorpio. Oh one more thing- taxes and inheritance also are under the rulership of Scorpio. So, more on that topic, for sure will surface, we are already hearing about that with Romney’s abundance of money and tax issues. I read that the business in Ohio (Bain?) that he helped get off the ground is about to close in order to out source jobs to China. How American is that? If I was a worker in that factory I’d be furious. I probably should not have written this about politics. Selling out American jobs to workers in other countries for cheap pay is down right upsetting to me. Too many people here, are out of work! As much as I love the NASA photos, etc. I think we ought to put space exploration on hold.... until we take care of the people here on Earth.

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