Seaport Community Health Center is moving

Expanded hours and services at new facility on athenahealth campus
Jun 19, 2014

BELFAST — Seaport Community Health Center (SCHC), a practice of Penobscot Community Health Care (PCHC), is excited to announce its future relocation from 41 Wight Street in Belfast to 55 Schoodic Drive on the athenahealth campus. The move is scheduled for summer. Seaport’s new facility will be a fully integrated patient-centered medical home and a “model for innovation and excellence.” The spacious accommodations will lend themselves to an expanded range of services, including physical therapy, pharmacy and basic laboratory services.

Seaport will continue to offer integrated behavioral health, expanded hours (evenings and weekends), integrative medicine and teaching of health professions students. Dr. David Loxterkamp, Medical Director of Seaport Community Health Center said: “We have always tried to balance practice innovation and the need to hold on to traditional values. Those values include a strong belief in listening to patients, giving them our time, providing continuity with their preferred provider, and developing long term relationships. Innovation simply means finding better ways to meet our patients’ needs. You will see this in the new building, as we bring together medical care, mental health, physical therapy, pharmacy, and health education. We will promote patient involvement and ownership of their medical record and treatment choices.”

The new center will serve both the wider community as well as athenahealth’s employees. Seaport’s new facility is the first of its kind to be built on an athenahealth campus. "We are thrilled for the opportunity to develop this unique relationship with our community’s flagship primary care practice; it helps us both fulfill our mutual objective to make health care work as it should,” said David Tassoni, senior vice president of operations at athenahealth. “Seaport is a model health center that has always maintained the sanctity of the patient and provider relationship which is at the core of everything our team and set of cloud-based services works to enable. This partnership is an exciting venture that will serve our community, our employees, and will help us work smarter across our entire network.”

Seaport Community Health Center will continue to offer primary care for the whole family and entire community, as they have for nearly 30 years. With the addition of Peter Millard, MD, and Cheryl Deane, PA-C, Seaport is now accepting new patients in a timely fashion. Seaport has been an early adopter and leader of the electronic medical record, integrated behavioral health, and practice innovation. Seaport was one of 36 practices to be selected for the National Demonstration Project in 2006, and among the original 26 practices chosen for the Maine Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot in 2010. In 2013, Seaport providers and staff earned recognition as an NCQA Level III Patient-Centered Medical Home. While Seaport has kept pace with the latest information technology and practice innovations, its providers still attend patients in the nursing home, make home visits, and run support groups for the elderly and those with opioid dependence.

Last July, Seaport Family Practice joined Penobscot Community Health Care (PCHC) and became Seaport Community Health Center. PCHC is a national leader among federally qualified health centers that oversees an expanding network of primary care practices in and beyond the Bangor area.


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Posted by: Hope Cunningham | Jun 20, 2014 15:14

Amen to the above coments.Left there years ago .

Posted by: A L M | Jun 20, 2014 08:26

My personal experience with this practice was horrible at best!  The doctors did NOT listen to my questions, records were lost and/or recorded in their electronic files incorrectly and/or completely missing important patient information!  The physicians were all very prescription happy, not wanting to try to help without writing an RX.  Reading this article and hearing they are now aligning themselves with an insurance company is very alarming!  A "unique relationship" indeed!  I guess, as usual, it is about the almighty dollar not about quality patient care!  Now they are opening up their own lab, physical therapy and pharmacy????  I think the Belfast area already has plenty of these businesses.  Sounds like just one more way to squeeze money from the patients at the expense of the local already established businesses!  I left this practice for many reasons:  1) Medical records were NOT maintained accurately  2) lab tests were lost  3)  doctor LIED to me about treatment options  and if THAT weren't enough, when I tried to talk to the doctor to resolve ALL of the issues, she didn't want to hear what I had to say!  It is obvious, this practice is not used to having a two-way patient doctor relationship or conversation.  A truly good doctor or even a mediocre doctor will LISTEN to their patients for input!  The patient knows their body better than the doctor will ever know!  It appears these doctors are used to having a lot of Maine Care patients who never question a doctor.  I feel very sorry for all of the patients who are misdiagnosed and ignored by this despicable group.  The joke is on the patients because they are laughing the whole way to the bank, holding hands with Athena!

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