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By Janette Brewster | Apr 18, 2014

Janette Brewster


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As spring is becoming more evident, I am doing some all-around spring cleaning in and out. As you see

starting with a new email address, well utilizing a old one. Been switching over winter/summer clothes and cleaning up. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and spent some time with your families and friends.


Searsmont Town News


At Town Meeting, the town authorized the Tax Collector to offer a tax
club option this tax year, and sign-up has begun. Tax club is an
opportunity for tax payers to break up their property tax payments over
several months without incurring an interest costs. Those who sign up to
participate will receive a tax payment book for monthly payments to their
account. Initially, those payments will be based on their total tax
assessment for 2013. Once the property taxes are assessed for 2014--we
hope in July--they will receive a new payment book with the amount
adjusted so that their taxes will be paid in full by March 31, 2014. The
benefit to the Town is a regular receipt of tax payments, hopefully
lessening the need to borrow money. For the taxpayer, it breaks up the
payments into smaller, more manageable amounts, avoids interest costs,
and as long as payments are current their taxes are considered on time.
For this first year, there will be 11 payments, and in future years there
will be 12 payments. Your tax account must be current to enroll in Tax
Club. For more information, contact the Tax Collector, Kathy Hoey. To
enroll, pick up a form at the Town Office, or fill out the form in the
Town Crier or from our web site and bring or mail it in to the Town


Join us for the 1st Searsmont Annual Green-Up Day Town –Wide Side Clean-Up on Saturday, May 10th . Transfer station open 8 A.M. -3 P.M. Take pride in your community. There will be one free garbage bag per household which is available at the town office. For large items(tires,etc) call the town office if help is needed. We ask you please walk facing the traffic and wear bright clothing.


Then be prepared ahead for the Demo Debris Day on Saturday, May 17 The transfer station will be open 8 A.M. -1:30 P.M.

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