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By Janette Brewster | Jul 25, 2014

Janette Brewster


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What a whirl wind week!!!! Before you know it we will be shoveling snow again!!! We are in upstate N.Y. For the weekend, then going to Old Town for Family camp all next week. It's been a awesome summer this year yet too busy. I hope everyone is making the most of this season and making wonderful memories with family, friends and loved ones.


Searsmont News


Check out the Town website for a complete listing of Bicentennial Events happening August 2nd– August 9th.

The Assessor will be in the office August 12th for anyone who has questions or concerns about their property assessment.

Transfer Station Demo Debris Day is August 23rd and demo debris items will be accepted from 8 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.


They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, it also takes one to put on a successful Library Sale.  Many thanks to the numerous volunteers who helped with this year’s sale, from those who donated books, bake sale, auction or yard sale items, to those who lugged boxes and boxes of books, set up displays in all areas of the sale, manned the cashiers’ tables, and helped clean up.  It sounds trite and often repeated, but it is true – we couldn’t do it without YOU!  Thank you.  We also want to acknowledge and thank those who attended and spent their hard-earned money to support the Library.  Thank you for making it all worthwhile.


Bicentennial Week is Finally Here


Lots to tell you this week about the Bicentennial celebration. After two years of planning, and a successful (if snow-postponed) Founder’s Day, Searsmont’s Bicentennial Week starts this Saturday. I promised you a detailed schedule, and here it is. Carol Robbins and Karen Withee tell me that everything is free except for the food and souvenir items.

Saturday August 2 at 9 a.m. there’s a two-and-a-half mile guided walk along the Georges River, George Sprowl’s antique car display all day on the New England Road, and and the fire department’s chicken barbeque at noon. The Historical Society will be open from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Tuesday August 5th features an afternoon open house and tour of the Robbins Lumber mill complex from 1 P.M. to 3 P.M. You don’t need a reservation, but adults need to accompany children, and you should wear closed-toe shoes. Thursday April 7, the Town Library opens its “Searsmont Inspires” show at 6 p.m., with the Bicentennial slide show on display then, too. On Friday evening August 8, Rosey Gerry presents two bands (including his own) for an evening of music at the Ames School starting at 7 p.m.

All week long, Searsmont artist Stephen Porter’s Bicentennial Bench and historical displays are free to the public at the town office and Community Building, and bicentennial items (including baseball caps and t-shirts) are on sale at the office, the town library, and Fraternity Village Store. The store also features a pamphlet on the store’s long history, and a display of local students’ art illustrating the famous 1800’s diary of Searsmont’s Josephine Knight.

Saturday August 9 is Searsmont Bicentennial Day. Rosey Gerry will switch hats and lead a walk on historic Muzzy Ridge at 8:30 A.M. (meet at the Community Center), and then activities move to the Community Center for the rest of the day. The Historical Society at the Community Center is open to the public all day. First Selectman Bruce Brierley leads a tour of the Oak Grove Cemetery at 11 A.M. (meet at the cemetery), and the Masonic Quantabacook Lodge hot dog cart opens at the same time, staying open until 7 P.M. in the evening.

The Masons will also provide a free and confidential Children’s Identification (CHIP) program from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Quantabacook Lodge on New England Road near the town center. Maine Masons have provided more than 50,000 of these identification packets, and it’s a good  way for parents and families to increase their peace of mind. Activities for children, including face painting and a free bounce house, are available at the Community Center starting at 1 p.m., with balloon animals free for the asking beginning at 5 in the afternoon.

Five in the afternoon is when the music starts, the Searsmont Historical Society’s pig roast servers get to work, and the Searsmont Methodist Church’s lobster feed begins. As always, dinners are affordable. It’s only $12 for adults, $6 for kids at the pig roast, $6 for a lobster to go or an extra lobster. But there won’t be many tickets available at the door. Make your reservations by calling Nancy at 930-3664 or Karen at 342-3427, or go online at to do the same.

The Belfast Bay Fiddlers will start playing while dinner is being served, and will give way to the world famous (or at least Waldo County famous!) Searsmont Street Band, whose music will pause for free fireworks at about 9 P.M., before the free barn dance continues. Jenness and Jim Robbins are sponsoring the fireworks, and we’re grateful for that.

That’s a lot of information, but it only happens once every 200 years. I’ll give you a Bicentennial Day update next week, and make sure you know all the people who have made the Bicentennial Year, Bicentennial Week, and Bicentennial Day a success In the meantime, if you need more information, go to the town’s Community/Bicentennial page at, or call the Town Office at 342-5411.

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