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By Janette Brewster | Apr 11, 2014
Photo by: Michael Sirota A six-foot high “Bicentennial Cake” was a centerpiece of the Searsmont Bicentennial Founders Day event held Saturday April 5 at the Searsmont Community Center, launching the town’s celebration of 200 years of history and accomplishments.Searsmont's bicentennial birthday cake.

Janette Brewster


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Yes, yes it is at last spring!! Birds are chirping/whistling, ground is somewhat melted and clean up has begun. it is so good to be able yo open up windows and hang laundry on the line again. Last Sunday we had the pleasure of watching the canoe races in Searsmont. It was definately a great day to watch but I for one, would not like to have been one of the racers. They certainly encountered alot of hardships, obstacles and rapid water. If you never have gone to watch and support these racers try to next season. Its a great time and a great time to support the residents in Searsmont.


Searsmont Founder's Day Celebration Kick-Off


If you weren’t able to attend the Founder’s Day Celebration at the Community Building on April 5, you missed quite a party. Nearly 150 people filled the room to launch the 2014 Searsmont Bicentennial. They sang “happy birthday” to the town, shared a large bicentennial cake, and received replicas of the legislation that, in 1814, created the Town of Searsmont six years before Maine became a state. “We couldn’t be more pleased with this large turnout,” said Carol Robbins, chairperson of the town’s Bicentennial Committee. “Dozens of Searsmont volunteers have been planning the celebration of our 200 years of history and accomplishments, and there is much more to come throughout the spring and summer.” Carol welcomed the crowd of children and adults, and Representative Jethro Pease presented all three selectmen with bicentennial proclamations from the Maine legislature and Governor Paul LePage. Jim Robbins, Jr. presented a brief history of the town, from its settlement in the late 1700’s through its growth as a mill and farming community, noting that the population, once nearly 2,000, fell to only 600 early in the twentieth century, before growing again to 1,400 today. Essays celebrating the town and its bicentennial were read by Ames School students Noah Neal (Grade 2), Hunter Alderson (Grade 3), Taylor Lemon (Grade 4), and Ruth-Anne Pease (Grade 5) – and they did a great job, too. The program ended with a slide show of historical illustrations and photographs, 150 voices raised to wish the town a happy 200 t h birthday, and the eating of almost six square feet of cake. Before leaving, people stayed to view displays of the town’s history, a special metal bicentennial sculpture for the Community Center lawn by seasonal resident and artist Oscar Hillmann, and a bicentennial bench created by Searsmont sculptor Steven Porter. It was a great start to the year’s celebrations. Next up is the Bicentennial portion of the Memorial Day Parade on May 26.


Condolances and prayers to the family of Maynard Marriner who passed away April 5th, 2014. He was actually born in Searsmont in 1914 and was well known in our town. He will be missed and our prayers are with his families and friends.

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