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By Janette Brewster | Jul 31, 2014

Janette Brewster


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What a busy summer, no lazy days have been going on here!! As we read, I am in the Old Town library preparing my article for next weeks edition. We have been at church camp since Monday and it's been such a fast week. It has actually been nice not to have internet, no home phones to answer and limited cell usage. This was a much needed week away from the way too busy summer I have had so far. This is a very beautiful library, a very beautiful town. May do some touring a bit later or in the morning. We have missed being at the library the past 2 weeks for story hour and look forward to being there this next week. I hope you are all enjoying their summer, as this is actually the last full month before the new school year begins.


Searsmont Town News


The Vicky E. Morgan Foundation is holding a benefit dance at the Ames School on August 9th 7 P.M. – 10 P.M.

The Town is accepting bids for ditching, paving and grinding of the Ghent Road until August 11th at Noon.  Contact the Town Office at 342-5411 for more information.

Demo Debris Day at the Transfer Station is August 23rd 8 A.M. to 1 P.M.


Lobster Fest


An August 9th Lobster Fest will be put on by the Searsmont United Methodist Church in conjunction with Searsmont's Bicentennial Celebration, at the Searsmont Community Center instead of the church. Servings begin at 5 P.M.     Menu includes lobster, corn, cole slaw and homemade blueberry cake.


Walking Cemetary Tour


A Walking Tour of Oak Grove Cemetery on the New England Road in Searsmont will be held at 11 A.M. on Saturday, Aug. 9th.  Barbara has done work compiling and correcting former lists of the cemetery done in the 1980's by Isabel Morse Maresh and a map done by Isabel's sister Annie Morse Cilley.  Conducting the tour, giving some local history of the early families will be Bruce Brierly , assisted by Barbara Fuller Hills.  Don Cochoran will give a talk about the restoration of Oak Grove Cemetery gravestones.


Bicentennial Week Finishes With a “Bang”

The final days of Searsmont Bicentennial Week this weekend are filled with activities. From art to food to free fireworks, there is something for everyone. Searsmont artist Stephen Porter’s Bicentennial Bench and historical displays are at the town office, and bicentennial items (including baseball caps and t-shirts) are on sale at the office, the town library, and Fraternity Village Store. The store also features a pamphlet on the store’s history, and local students’ art illustrating the famous 1800’s diary of Searsmont’s Josephine Knight.

Thursday night at 6:00 P.M., the Town Library opens its “Searsmont Inspires” art exhibit and offers the Bicentennial slide show. Friday at 7P.M., Rosey Gerry presents live music at the Ames School (donations welcome), featuring Depot Town, and Rosey and the Wayfaring Stranger.

Saturday August 9th is Searsmont Bicentennial Day, with more than 12 hours of things to do and see and eat and enjoy. The morning starts with Rosey Gerry leading a Muzzy Ridge walk at 8:30 A.M. (meet at the Community Center). The Historical Society is open to the public all day. First Selectman Bruce Brierley leads a tour of the Oak Grove Cemetery on New England Road at 11 A.M, (meet at the cemetery). The Masonic Quantabacook Lodge hot dog cart opens at the same time, staying open until 7:00 P.M. in the evening.

The Masons host a free and confidential Children’s Identification (CHIP) program from 10 A.M. to 2 the Community Center. Activities for children, including a free bounce house, are available there starting at 3:00 PM., with balloon animals free for the asking beginning at 5:00 in the afternoon.

Five o’clock on Saturday is also when the Searsmont Historical Society’s pig roast servers get to work, and the Searsmont Methodist Church’s lobster feed starts. Dinners are $12, with some discounts for kids and extra lobsters. Event organizers highly recommend dinner reservations, since tickets at the door will be limited. Dinner reservations may be made online at, or by calling Nancy at 930-3664 or Karen at 342-3427.

Bicentennial Day ends with music and a real bang. The Belfast Bay Fiddlers will start playing while dinner is being served, and will give way to the Searsmont Street Band, whose music will pause for free fireworks – sponsored by Jenness Robbins and Jim Robbins – at about 9 P.M. before the free barn dance continues.

Parking is free, but there is very limited parking for the disabled and those with handicap permits at the Community Center. So count on doing some walking from Come Spring Park next to the Methodist Church, or from wherever you find a place to park.

An event like this is only possible when many people give their time and effort. I promised you a complete list of the folks who have worked hard since 2012 to plan and make the Bicentennial happen.  Here they are: the Bicentennial Committee chairperson is Carol Robbins, and the Committee members are Bruce Brierley, Andy Butler, Matt Gerrish, Bonnie Goff, Roland Goff, Barbara Hills, Ken “Jake” Jacobson, Sandra McLellan, Ann Robbins, Jim Robbins, Jenness Robbins, George Sprowl, Shirley Sprowl, Karen Withee, and Norman Withee. People who have helped include Town Clerk Kathy Hoey, Arlo Redman, Janey Knight, Claudia Luchetti, Mary Cushman Baron, Tonia Tibbetts, Jim Robbins, Jr., Town Librarian Tom Neeley, Lisa Neeley, Mickey Sirota, Chuck Hamm, Michael Craig Hillmann, James Ames, Joanne Ames, Rosey Gerry, Susan Burns, and Rush DeNooyer. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone.

For more information on the Searsmont Bicentennial and Bicentennial Week, go to the Community/Bicentennial page at, or call the Town Office at 342-5411.

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