Shamanism: A Spiritual Tool

Belfast Breeze Inn
192 Northport Ave, Belfast ME
Jane Liedtke
Apr 18, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Shamanism: A Spiritual Tool with Graham Connolly

This workshop introduces you to the realm of Shamanism as a resource of wellness and spiritual growth. We introduce you to an overview of the history, power animals, the journey process and the 3 worlds of experience (Lower, Upper and Middle). You will be introduced to a power animal through the journey process facilitated by the Native drum. Time permitting aspects of Shamanic healing will be covered. You will leave the workshop experiencing and having knowledge on the benefits of Shamanism in ones life.

About Graham Connolly
Graham is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, and certified Cranial Sacral Therapist. The shamanic practice was built upon graduation from the original 2-year Apprenticeship and Advanced workshops with Evelyn Rysdyk and Allie Knowlton of Spirit Passages. During that 2-year program techniques learned included power animal connection, pattern extraction, soul retrieval, experiencing the death process and leading souls to the Light of God (or whichever deity you choose to express that Divine presence or guidance). He has also worked with, and experienced healings, from shamans of Ecuador and Peru.