Shipping news, June 27 - July 12

Commercial marine traffic calling at Searsport and Bucksport
Jul 13, 2018
Photo by: Ethan Andrews Ocean Giant, a cargo ship bearing steel components bound for Cianbro's manufacturing facility in Brewer, sits at the dock at Mack Point July 4.

June 30

Ocean Giant, a 545-foot general cargo ship, arrived in Searsport from Grand Anse, Quebec, and delivered steel components to Cianbro. This was the fourth such shipment, with all previous shipments originating in Thailand. A fifth is due in Searsport July 10 (see below). The components have been trucked to Cianbro's Brewer manufacturing facility where they are being assembled for an undisclosed project. Ocean Giant departed July 6 for San Juan, Puerto Rico.

July 3

Denali, a Kirby Corp. tug with fuel barge, arrived in Searsport from New York, via Portland, and delivered ethanol. It departed later that day for Boston.

July 4

The Amigo, a 437-foot asphalt and bitumen tanker, arrived in Searsport from Saint John, New Brunswick. It departed July 5 for Providence, R.I.

The Amigo last visited Searsport under the name Palanca Luanda. Renaming is common with commercial ships, particularly when they change hands, according to Capt. David Gelinas of Penobscot Bay & River Pilots. He recalled some years back bringing a ship into Searsport under one name and piloting it out under another. There's a superstition among sailors that renaming a boat should be avoided, or at least accompanied by an elaborate ceremony to appease the deities of water and wind, but Gelinas said the commercial shipping world doesn't do any of that. "There's nothing ceremonial about it," he said. "It's all paperwork and dollars."

July 6

New England, a 599-foot Irving Oil tanker, arrived in Bucksport from Portland and delivered jet fuel. It departed July 7 for Saint John, New Brunswick, location of Irving Oil's Saint John refinery.

July 10

Ocean Globe, a 545-foot general cargo ship, arrived in Searsport from Genoa, Italy, and delivered steel components for Cianbro. It departed July 14 for Lake Charles, La.

Irving Oil tanker New England returned to the area after a quick round trip to Saint John, New Brunswick. It called at Searsport, cargo unknown, and departed July 11 for Quincy, Mass.

Expected arrivals:

July 13 - State of Maine, Maine Maritime Academy's 466-foot training ship returns from its 70-day summer cruise to Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy. The 465-foot former Navy oceanographic research vessel had 246 students and 50 faculty, crew members and support staff aboard when it departed in May, The Ellsworth American reported. On July 14, it is scheduled make the final leg of its return trip, from Searsport to Castine, with family members of the student midshipmen.

Shipping news is compiled using automatic identification system (AIS) data from, local sources and direct observation at ports.

Ocean Globe, a cargo ship bearing steel components bound for Cianbro's manufacturing facility in Brewer, passes near Bayside July 10. (Photo by: Ethan Andrews)
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