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By Lisa Cooley | Feb 08, 2013
Jackson —
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In the language of education, often two words are confused..."teaching" and "learning." we know, just because teaching is going on in a classroom does NOT mean there is also learning going on.

Learning is a choice made by every student...and more and more kids are "opting out."

Why? That's a complicated question that requires a look at the history of public education in this country and a harsh analysis of Federal interference in our schools.

One thing we know: for many students, the teaching that happens in public education classrooms in 2013 is simply not meaningful, relevant, or interesting.

I get it. I didn't find school to be meaningful, relevant or interesting either, and I was in school long before the Federal Government imposed the testing that would narrow curriculum and dictate the kind of teaching our local schools could do.

I went along with it as long as I could but by the time I was in high school, my brain had pretty much checked out.

There is a way to do things better!


Let's make classrooms where learning is active, joyful, interesting and passionate! We can create, in RSU 3, a school-within-a-school where learning is based on the goals and strengths of students. Advisors will guide them through the creation of learning plans; internships and mentors will be found to help kids understand how their passions work in the real world; and their research projects will culminate in exhibitions, presentations, performances, speeches.

Let's make a school where kids care, support and help one another, because they are cared for, supported and helped too.

How can we do this? This school-within-a-school is subject to the same Federal mandates as every other school! The answer is so simple that many of you won't believe me: by being creative.

It can be done. It IS being done, right now, all over the country and the world; pockets of learning where adults take on a new role: help kids be themselves, and as themselves, become citizens of a better world.

Sign the form asking RSU 3 to look into starting a learning-based school.


By signing you make no commitment to your belief in this school -- you're simply asking our district to have a conversation.

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page; if you have more questions, you can submit them with your form and to the best of my ability I will answer it.

(While the author is a member of the RSU 3 school board, the opinions expressed here are NOT those of the board or administration of RSU 3)

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