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Silvios Ride Nov 16, 2018

Silvio's Ride - 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

The new innovative electric SUV from Jaguar that will satisfy drivers on and off road.


The S, SE, HSE, and First Edition models price from $69,500 to $85,900.


PLUS: High-efficiency electric drive; small outside, big inside; all-weather driving satisfaction; extended warranty.

MINUS: Somewhat pricey; will reliability and 240-mile range hold up?



With this new, third member of its Pace family of SUVs, Jaguar has scored a trifecta. First, the 2019 IPace is a longrange EV, electric vehicle— as in, all electrons all the time, with no internalcombustion engine. Second, it’s capable off-road. And third, it works on the track, too. In fact, as we crested a steep mountainside in our First Edition I-Paces, before us lay our next stop: Portugal’s Algarve racing circuit. There, Jaguar had another surprise: a squadron of F-Type roadsters in which to warm up before going out for hot laps in our I-Paces. Imagine that: Hey, you, on the racetrack—get out of the sports car and into this SUV! Gumball tires helped; so did full-time allwheel drive with torque vectoring; adjustable air suspension and drive modes; a rigid aluminum structure; slippery aerodynamics; neutral fore-and-aft balance; very low center of gravity and responsive steering. And the I-Pace’s electric drive makes immediate, prodigious torque—512 lb-ft of it. Naturally, it’s quiet, too. We whooshed down the front straight at 120 MPH in electric silence. The I-Pace is a couple of inches longer and wider than a CRV, but its roof is six inches lower than the Honda’s and its wheels have been shoved out to the corners. There’s no bulky gas engine, to eat up space in the nose, so the windshield reaches far forward. This deluxe cabin has as much or more legroom as a big sedan. The I-Pace is brilliant technologically, too. Each axle has its own compact 197HP electric motor and single-speed transmission. The brakes provide regenerative charging to the batteries under the floor; this enables single-pedal driving—just lift off the “gas” and the I-Pace slows down. Want to know the car’s charge level, or whether it’ll get you to the airport? Check your phone—or ask Alexa. The I-Pace also recognizes each driver and automatically sets his or her seat, climate control and infotainment. This and more is part of Jaguar’s “wired for life” package. The two automotive hotspots right now are compact SUVs and clean, renewable electric power. Jaguar—a small British brand known for cars that resembled Cotswolds cottages or turned petrol into speed and noise—has beaten everyone else, including Tesla, to the mark here. Welcome to the fut



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