Skylight problems?  Get them fixed ASAP!

By Horch Roofing | Nov 16, 2012

Do you notice water streaks running along your ceiling, winding their ways down your wall?  Do these streaks stem from the skylight?  Leaky skylights are often a result of water getting through the flashing around the installation area of your skylight.

This is a problem that many homes face at one point or another.  However, this is also a problem that can be fixed fairly easily.

  • Pull back the roofing material around the skylight to expose the flashing of the skylight.

  • Pour water over the flashing seams to locate the leak.  Have someone stand under the skylight to tell you when and where the water leaks.

  • Let the water you poured completely dry.  The material you use to fix the leak must be completely free of liquid before you make the repair.

  • Apply a generous amount of roofing caulk to the source of the leak and the surrounding areas.  Let the caulk completely dry according to your caulk’s directions.


  • Perform another water test to ensure you covered the entire leak, and in case you find more than one.  Repeat the process until no water comes through the skylight.


  • Replace the roofing material you removed to access the skylight.


If the problem persists, or you don’t feel comfortable making the repair on your own, call us here at Horch Roofing!  We’d be happy to help you!


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