Local Citizens for SMART Growth

Slide talk to address fish farm concerns Oct. 17

Oct 08, 2018

Belfast — The Peace and Justice Group of Waldo County is sponsoring a public informational presentation by Ellie Daniels, a member of Local Citizens for SMART Growth: Salmon Farm, about the proposed development of one of the world's largest indoor salmon farms in Belfast.

The presentation will be held Wednesday, Oct. 17, at 6 p.m. in the Abbott Room of Belfast Free Library, 106 High St.

Local Citizens for SMART Growth oppose this project and have criticized the way "city government seems to have hurried through the zoning change process in order to enable a corporate aquaculture project to go forward," the group said in a press release issued Oct. 4.

"Other citizens just want things to slow down so that clear thinking and understanding on long-range issues can be explored," the group said in the release. "And still others think it is a good idea. This presentation will add an important piece to the community dialogue."

Daniels' presentation will highlight concerns about what this project will mean for both the direction of the city and the health of its ground water and of Penobscot Bay. One of the  chief concerns of opponents has been the lack of transparency and public involvement in such a major development, and a feeling that corporate financial concerns have taken precedence over public discussion. Daniels' presentation will offer another view of these issues, in the interest of furthering community dialogue.

"The slide presentation graphically helps visualize and understand the concerns of  citizens (who) would like to slow down the process of approval of the NAF facility, proposed to be approximately the size of 18 football fields adjacent to Route 1 and the Little River," the group said in its press release.

"Many questions about production, safety, water use and discharge, carbon footprint, and protection of local wells, groundwater and the Penobscot Bay remain a concern. Join us for a presentation that will help everyone concerned think a little deeper about these issues."

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