Smith challenges Ziegler for District 96 seat

By Kendra Caruso | Feb 20, 2020
Photo by: Kendra Caruso Katrina Smith, right, talks to people at the Palermo Community Library Jan. 18 about her campaign for the House District 96 seat.

Palermo — Palermo resident Katrina Smith used to stay quiet about politics, she said, but recently she decided to challenge incumbent Stanley Paige Zeigler Jr. for the District 96 seat in the Maine House. In a Feb. 6 interview, she said Maine’s Democratic governor and Democrat-controlled Legislature are slowly taking away rights and frivolously spending money.

When laws allowing taxpayer-funded abortions and assisted suicide and requiring vaccinations for school attendance were passed in the Legislature, Smith said, she thought changes were happening way too fast and they did not reflect what Mainers wanted. She said she wants to get into office to slow down legislation that Maine people do not support.

An Appleton native, Smith attended Camden Hills Regional High School and majored in sociology at Gordon College in Massachusetts. Shortly after graduation, she worked as human resources director for a start-up company that took her on business trips around the country.

She decided to return to Midcoast Maine after seeing enough of the country, she said. She and her husband have three children and they invest in residential real estate and resell it at a profit. She also has a real estate license.

She said she started feeling uncomfortable when she heard stories from her kids about things they were learning in school. Her daughter, now in college, would be criticized by teachers for her views, Smith said.

Teachers should not be allowed to discuss political issues in school, she said, adding that it should be a discussion left to parents. She said the discussion of sexuality in school is introducing elementary-aged children to inappropriate topics about sex, though she said she is not against LGBTQ rights.

“I just don’t feel it (has) a place in the school,” She said. “It’s people’s personal decision to conduct their life in a way that they choose to do that. But it’s not something that our taxpayer dollars should go towards educating children about.”

She said she is strongly in favor of Second Amendment rights and that regulating gun ownership could lead to a slippery slope of violating those rights.

She supports private health care in a competitive market to drive prices down, she said, citing as an example President Donald Trump's price transparency initiative whereby hospitals will be required to publish prices of medical procedures and other health costs.

She said taxes have become so vast that people are paying them almost every time they spend money. She wants to reduce the tax burden for Maine residents.

“The people aren’t an open wallet,” she said. “We get taxed everywhere we turn, from cars to a cup of coffee.”

She said she wants to support a free market system to increase the state's economy and allow for business growth. Part of that is supporting programs that give people education in trades and professions that are abundant in the state, she said.

She supports four-year college education if it is what a person wants to do, but thinks trades can be just as lucrative and do not burden people with significant debt.

She said Mills’ plan to reduce carbon is not realistic, and just throwing money at environmental issues is not going to solve the problem. She said addressing climate change should be consumer-driven and that the biggest driver for change is how people spend their money.

“I think it takes a lot more than windmills and solar farms,” she said. “I think it’s the people that need to take a step back and look at all of our habits and make those changes — not mandate them, because I don’t want more legislation to tell people what they have to do.”

District 96 includes Belmont, Liberty, Lincolnville, Montville, Morrill, Palermo and Searsmont.

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Posted by: Ralph Stanley | Feb 21, 2020 19:14

Another self interested real estate mongrel.

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