So many interesting smells!

By Benny Huckleberry as told to Liz Hoffmann | Jun 03, 2020

I am happy to report that my human started venturing out with us! Yay! While she still wears that muzzle-type thing on her face, we are going more places and doing more things. It does my heart good since I love to sniff new smells, see new sights and enjoy new adventures.

While many humans read books and watch television, we dogs depend on our snouts to provide us with entertainment. Every time we smell a new smell, we learn the story of who or what left it there. That’s why we are constantly sniffing, since we love all the information and stories that we get! Wouldn’t you stop and sniff too if you could learn as much as we do?

It’s been scientifically proven that while humans have about 5 million scent glands, we dogs have up to 300 million scent glands. That’s not a typo... up to 300 million! So, our sense of smell is about 10,000,000 times better than a humans is. I apologize if I seem like I’m bragging, but I think it’s truly amazing!

Just this morning when we went on our walk, I found several interesting facts about who was there earlier. I learned that a female Labrador mix and a young poodle walked the same route before us, since their scents were strong all along the path.

Further up, I noticed the smell of a skunk, but thankfully it was an older smell and so not overwhelmingly pungent. Besides sniffing on our walks, I also smell a lot of wildlife in our backyard. There are bunnies in the early morning and at dusk that I smell, and my human can sometimes catch a glimpse of.

But sadly, for her, there’s so much going on that she misses. Since she can’t smell much at all, she doesn’t know that there have been deer and foxes and woodchucks there too! Lots of critters busy in our backyard unbeknownst to my human!

We dogs are celebrated for our sense of smell and even have made the news recently. My human told me that a new study came out May 27, which confirmed we dogs can smell COVID-19. It seems that when we’re trained right, that we can differentiate samples from humans with the virus from humans who are healthy. That way, we can be used to help identify when people are sick, and also detect the virus on surfaces!

It was a study done over in Finland and is being replicated around the world to be sure. That makes me so proud and adds to the list of scents we have already been trained to detect.

So far, we dogs are used to help identify numerous types of cancers, and even Parkinson’s disease. With Parkinson’s, we can detect the disease even before person starts to show symptoms. All of these diseases, viruses, etc. smell differently to us and we can warn you about them.

As always, we pups use what can to help our beloved humans in every way possible. From providing companionship, to providing service for those humans disabled, to helping protect in times of war, to catching criminals and drug dealers, to helping sniff out health problems. We are here for you! So, cheers to all pups and humans who are all doing their part in their own special way so that we can all stay safe!

With love,

Benny H.

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