Solar Energy for Today and the Future

By ReVision Energy Inc. | Dec 03, 2012

Karen Kleinkopf and Tim Goltz decided to invest in a solar hot water system for three good reasons: Emma, Lily and Clara.

They had been considering solar energy for a while, but knew it was time to take action when they realized that their three daughters were approaching their teenage years. “I’d much rather have the sun pay for showers than me,” Tim says.

After a free solar site evaluation with ReVision Energy, the family decided to move forward on a project last year. The solar hot water system is expected to save the Goltz-Kleinkopf family $650 or more each year. However, going solar wasn’t simply a financial motivation – it also serves as a model for good energy choices. Tim hopes their decision to install solar will inspire their daughters to “live in a mindful way and be respectful of the earth.”

Solar hot water systems currently qualify for a 30% tax credit and rebates of up to $2,000 from Efficiency Maine, making the investment more affordable from the start.

It’s evident that the Goltz-Kleinkopfs have made the environment a priority, and their choices have influenced their three daughters. Nine year old Clara declares her future plans: “I want to be president when I grow up . . .and my platform is for us to go back to horse and buggies and for everyone to have a garden."

Contact Jennifer at ReVision Energy to set up a solar site evaluation for your future generations: or (207) 589-4171.

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