Spray Finisher

Category: Full-Time
Posted: Jul 09, 2019

This full time position is responsible for all surface preparations and coatings on vessels, including fairing, sanding, painting and other finishing procedures. Coatings are applied to hulls, topsides, underwater hulls, interiors, tanks as well as other areas. The products can range from epoxy, polyurethanes, varnish and other marine finishing products.

Experience required:

2-5 years marine painting experience, may substitute high end automotive prep and finish experience.

Working knowledge of airless pumps and traditional spray methods.

Proper set up, use, cleaning and breakdown of pumps and equipment.

Basic mathematic skills.

Ability to read and understand mixing formulas and paint manufactures product data sheets.

Maintain safe and healthy work environment by following standards and procedures as well as extensive knowledge of these procedures in shipyard and industrial environments.

Benefits include vacation time, health insurance & 401K. Email resumes to steph@lymanmorse.com.