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Register for Senior College Spring 2019 classes!


Senior College of Belfast announces the start of the Spring 2019 term registration. The spring semester begins on Thursday, March 28 and ends on May 2. All classes will be held at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center on route 3 in Belfast.


The Belfast Senior College located at the Hutchinson Center offers a wonderful, stimulating and fun environment for exploring new ideas, learning more about our world, expanding one’s love of nature, or developing new skills. Thursday Morning Classes, 9:30-11:30am

Six Jazz Giants
Ken Hyams, instructor. Each week we will explore an extraordinary jazz musician by listening to their music and discussing their life, placing them in the context of the evolution of jazz, as we try to place jazz in the larger context of the history of music. Jazz fans at any stage of discovery welcome.

Workshop in Collage
Deborah Stevenson, instructor. With its roots in the works of Picasso and his peers, collage uses images from printed material to glue together into an original piece of art. Cutting and pasting together is a surprising, relaxing, social activity, and it is always fun!

Using the Internet Well
Doug Chamberlin, instructor. Whether simply searching for information, engaging fully in social media, or just reading email, everyone struggles to determine best practices to follow. This course will teach you how to use the internet effectively while avoiding the most dangerous pitfalls. Explore Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Yelp, Reddit, Quora, Medium, and Wikipedia.


What Is New, Old, and Better in Photography

Paul Sheridan, instructor. Catch up on the world of photography! Using slide shows, books, and film clips, we will study some of the works of experienced and emerging photographers. Learn to understand the choices made by the photographers, appreciate what it takes to make an engaging photo, and improve our own photographic eye.


Designing and Building Living Landscapes in Your Yard

Jean Vose, instructor. If you create a healthy habitat, your garden can provide all the necessary components to attract and sustain a variety of pollinators. We discuss what constitutes a “healthy eco-friendly habitat” with four basic steps to pollinator friendly gardens.


Guided Meditation for Wellness

Diana Chapin, instructor. Suitable for anyone, this series shows how meditation is accessible, enjoyable and rewarding. Learn invigorating breath-work, the dynamics of the human energy system, the connection between imagination and healing, and the art of suspending yourself in the abundant present moment.


Beguiled by the Wild…The Inside Scoop on the Outside Stuff

Mike Shannon, instructor. Let’s rendezvous with Spring, a time to celebrate mud, greenness, and renewed life! The wildness of Mid-coast Maine will be our home ground.  Its possibilities will surprise and delight you! We will learn to identify common species, sharpen our observational skills, and arouse our kinship with all of life.

Intermediate/Advanced Drawing II
Sandi Cirillo, instructor. Through in-class, homework and weekly critique exercises, we will explore our inner self as we gain confidence and clarity in honing our drawing skills. Work in your area of interest with guidance from the instructor to create several finished drawings by the end of the six weeks. This is NOT a beginner drawing class. Thursday Afternoon Classes, 1:00-3:00pm

The Miriamic Procession
Deirdre Good, instructor. The Miriamic tradition or procession is both auditory and visual. Through examining some selected literary excerpts (Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Qu’ran), we will explore the evolution of Miriam/Mary/Maryam from ordinary woman to “chosen…above all women of creation.”

World Scripture: South Asia
Arlin Larson, instructor. Religious texts emerged in India that proved formative and enduring into the modern world. ‘The Bhagavad Gita” (Song of God) has been a central focus of Hindu spirituality into our day. Although breaking off from Hinduism, Buddhism’s literature and practice are vast, and the closest we have to the original teachings of the Buddha is the Dhammapada (Eternal Truth and the Way).

Virgil’s “Aeneid”
Juliet Baker and Rebecca Jessup, instructors. Centuries after Homer, Virgil wrote an epic poem of Rome, one intended to equal or surpass the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey.” While Virgil’s inspiration descended from ancient Greek poets, especially Homer, his loyalty to Rome and to Augustus were as significant. For those of you who have read Homer’s “Iliad” and “Odyssey,” many questions arising from each will be answered.

Beginning Conversational French: Starting Over, Part IV
Lila Nation, instructor. It's not too late! If you were unable to join us in previous classes, it will still be easy to catch up. The pace is very easy with lots of review and time to ask questions. Focus is on building simple sentences using everyday vocabulary, and on helping you gain confidence to continue learning to speak this beautiful language.

Security Challenges: Thinking Outside a Much Bigger Box

Dick Topping, instructor. The international system has been undergoing a generational challenge for over a decade, and U.S. national security issues are far more numerous and complex today than when President Truman created his National Security Council (NSC) in 1947. Each session will hopefully offer a free-wheeling discussion about whether today potential natural disasters and economic and social issues that divide us here at home, deserve as much attention as more traditional worries from U.S. national security experts.


Preserving and Sharing Your Family History

John Elbefeld and Jean McLean, instructors. We all have artifacts, including letters, textiles, documents, or heirlooms, that tell our family's story. Instructors will present a process for decision-making, and current methods for handling, cleaning, and storing family items and will offer ideas for passing on your history to family members, the local area, or the global community.

Alexander Hamilton Returns—History Meets Broadway Pete Reilly, instructor. This course is a repeat of the “Alexander Hamilton” course taught during the Winterim session with more time for class discussion and sharing of ideas. It is essentially a history course about the founding of our country told through the life and times of Alexander Hamilton. Woven throughout the course will be the music and story behind the Broadway hit musical "Hamilton.”

Discovering Your Surroundings: Rock, Soils, and Landscapes of the Belfast Bay Region
Fred Bowers, instructor. Belfast Bay is a sub-watershed of Penobscot Bay Watershed. The landscape is a challenge to understand and a delight to behold! Students will learn to recognize local rocks and minerals, understand relationships between soil and geology, and be introduced to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping systems.

Special One-day Classes, 9:30am – 3:00pm

The Beauty of Consistency, Tuesday, April 9
Sara Shute, instructor. Did Thomas Jefferson really believe that all men were created equal and endowed by their “Creator” with unalienable rights? Apart from women, how could Jefferson not have believed that adult male slaves or adult Native American males were men? When one tries to “have it both ways,” one is being inconsistent. But what’s so bad about inconsistency? Using many examples from current events, with opportunities for discussion, we will try to answer these questions, while we explore what consistency is, why it is essential, and how ubiquitous it is.

The World of Fiber, Thursday, May 30
Sandi Cirillo, instructor. Ever looked at the tag inside your t-shirt or sweater? What does it say? Wool, cotton, silk? Fiber is a big part of our everyday lives. In this class you'll learn about two fiber families: wool and silk. We will create felted pieces out of wool and silk fiber and beautiful scarves from our silk fabric. No experience is necessary to explore this world of fiber.

For more information or to register, please visit You may also email or call 207.338.8037. Starting six weeks before the first class, you can stop by the office which is open on Thursdays, 10:00am – 1:00pm at the Hutchinson Center, 80 Belmont Ave., Belfast.

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