Standing room only Monday night at Waldo County Jail

By Ethan Andrews | Jul 10, 2018

Belfast — Nine inmates shared five cells at Waldo County Jail overnight July 9.

Occupants included a 34-year-old Albion woman arrested by Searsport Police after a domestic violence assault that involved threatening with a dangerous weapon, a 29-year-old Belfast man who crashed his car on Wight Street while allegedly operating under the influence, a 38-year-old Belfast man who was being disorderly at Waldo County General Hospital, a 28-year-old Brooks man caught operating after suspension and violating conditions of release, a 37-year-old Prospect woman brought in on a fugitive from justice warrant, a 42-year-old Belfast man who violated a protection order, a 25-year-old Liberty woman caught operating under the influence, a 19-year-old Madison woman brought in by Maine State Police on unknown charges, and a male inmate from Maine State Prison who was spending the night in Belfast before a court date to ask for a reduced sentence.

The jail’s 72-hour hold facility has four single cells and one multiple-occupant cell. Waldo County Sheriff Jeffrey Trafton said summers are the busiest time of year for law enforcement.

“Car accidents spike in July and August,” he said. “You’ve got the long days, warm weather, lots of tourists.”

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Posted by: Rita Doughty | Jul 10, 2018 19:43

This is strange, people holding in Belfast, most get shipped to Two Bridges in Wiscasset right away, these people must feel special to be in Belfast Jail..Strange, indeed.


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