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State attorney general backs Biden

Sep 15, 2020

Augusta — Attorney General Aaron Frey and other Maine law enforcement officials have endorsed Democrat Joseph Biden for president.

“Now more than ever, Maine’s law enforcement community needs a President with values that clearly reflect our strong commitment to justice,” Frey said in a news release. “President Trump has repeatedly abused his wealth and power to circumvent the rule of law, trample on the Constitution, and degrade the integrity of the executive office for his own political and financial gain.

"There is no question about it — our democracy is in crisis. We must elect a leader in Joe Biden who will fight relentlessly in the pursuit of justice and finally restore law and order to the highest office in the country — because the future of American law enforcement depends on it.”

Others in Maine law enforcement officials who have endorsed the Biden-Harris ticket are Sagadahoc Sheriff Joel Merry, District Attorney Meaghan Maloney (Kennebec, Somerset), District Attorney Andrew Robinson (Androscoggin, Franklin, Oxford) and former Oxford County Sheriff Jim Theriault.

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Comments (1)
Posted by: Bradley Williams | Sep 20, 2020 09:03

Dear Readers,

Joe Biden's had a lifetime of opportunities to do what President Trump has accomplished in 3 1/2 years but he didn't.

Sure Trump is shady, but he's not half as shady as Joe.

Biden bribed Ukraine with $1.5 BILLION to not arrest his son AND then there's China....

I have many photos of Joe Biden groping children and sniffing people, and just yesterday he was waving at imaginary people!

President Trump has left Sleepy Joe sputtering in his dust and exhaust, and they're just using him as a Trojan Horse so they can sleaze Hillary in at the last minute without a debate.

So much sleaze so little time!

VS shouldn't censor this because I pay for this privilege.

I'll make a video on their election tampering if they do.

The ONLY reason that the Dems rule Maine is the corruption of the fake news.

Of course VS isn't fake news or they would have censored THIS!

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