State Parks Firewood Program

Federal and State Cut-Your-Own Firewood Programs
While not free, National Forests and many state forests, allow you to cut your own wood for as little as $10 per cord. You’ll need a chain saw, a pick-up truck or rental trailer If you would like to use a woodstove to heat your home and do not have access to your own source of wood, it may be worthwhile to look into programs in your area which allow cutting on public lands. In 1982 the Forest Service issued 655,000 permits to cut firewood on national forest land. Managers estimate that 2.8 million cords were cut. This shows an extraordinary demand for firewood that is still little understood or appreciated. The Alliance is trying to obtain more recent figures to show current usage from national forests

The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands offers firewood permits to individuals with a chain saw and pickup truck. Foresters mark suitable firewood trees near roads, for easier hauling and minimal disruption deeper into the forest. Firewood is sold for $25 per cord, with a 10-cord maximum for any one permit holder each year.
Call the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands at 207-941-4014 for more information.

This information is provided by The Alliance For Green Heat.

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